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'12 Days of Gearsmas' Begins Tomorrow!
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'12 Days of Gearsmas' Begins Tomorrow!

Another holiday is around the corner, and you know what that means.  Lots of food, friends, family, and of course a special event in Gears of War 2.  This time around, you can get your holiday cheer on during the '12 Days of Gearsmas", starting December 22 and running through January 2.  To begin, a 12x experience multiplier will allow you to earn those levels that much faster, and every day, the multiplier increases by one, topping off at 23x on January 2.  In addition, each day has a special modifier, such as "9 Boomers Booming" or "7 Sires a Storming".  We've got the full list of ho-ho-Horde friendly fun ready for your perusal, so grab an egg nog and relax.

• December 22nd "Concussion from a smoke grenade" - 12x XP
Concussion grenades are making a return for the day.

• December 23rd "2 Flaming Bloodmounts" - 13x XP
Two Bloodmounts with flamethrowers appearing on every Horde wave.

• December 24th "3 Extra Clips" - 14x XP
Three extra clips of ammo in every weapon.

• December 25th "4 Frag Grenades" - 15x XP
Every frag grenade pick-up now includes four grenades instead of the usual two.

• December 26th "5 Torque Bow Tags" - 16x XP
Many creatures who usually carry rifles in Horde mode will now carry torque bows.

• December 27th "6 Melee monsters" - 17x XP
Horde waves will now entirely consist of melee creatures.

• December 28th "7 Sires a Storming" - 18x XP
This one isn't explained, though my guess would be Sires on every Horde wave.

• December 29th "8 Old School Gears Heads" - 19x XP
The old 4 vs 4 multiplayer mode makes a return.

• December 30th "9 Boomers Booming" - 20x XP
Boomer squads in every Horde wave.

• December 31st "10 Waves of Tickers" - 21x XP
Horde enemies will be Tickers only.

• January 1st "11 Wretches Wretching" - 22x XP
Wretches with shotguns will make an appearance.

• January 2nd "Some of the Above" - 23x XP
This is a combination of concussion grenades, extra clips of ammo, extra frag grenades in each pickup, 4 vs 4 multiplayer mode, and Ticker horde waves.