Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

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Co-Optimus Mobile App Now Available on Android Phones
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Co-Optimus Mobile App Now Available on Android Phones

Today we're proud to announce the Co-Optimus Mobile App for Android phones.  This companion app to the website is your gateway into everything co-op while on the go.  With news, reviews, podcasts and our games database - you'll never be more than fingertips away from cooperative videogame information.

The Android app is something special though - using your phone as a barcode scanner you can scan any video game you want and we'll determine if it has co-op for you and what those co-op features are.

 Say you are at the store with little Joey and he wants to pick up the latest Green Lantern videogame.  But Joey wants to play with daddy and daddy isn't sure if the game has co-op.  All you need to do his pick up the box, click barcode in the games tab in the Co-Optimus App and scan away.  

Did we mention our app is free?  

You can download it right here or from the Google Android Marketplace on your phone.  Just search for Co-Optimus.