Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce

  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Koei Offers Shortest Trailer Ever, Four Player PSP Co-op
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Koei Offers Shortest Trailer Ever, Four Player PSP Co-op

Koei, developers of the moderately fun and forever-ongoing series Dynasty Warriors, is once again bringing third-person hack'n'slash co-op action to the Playstation Portable with Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce.

Says Koei:

Step out and step into a portable Dynasty Warriors® experience unlike any other. Up to four friends can team‐up for a wide range of heroic action‐packed quests. Become one of history’s greatest warriors and work as a team to conquer heavily‐armed fortresses, infiltrate enemy strongholds and more. Spectacular battles await!


Hit the "Read More" link for more info and the world's shortest game trailer ever...


IGN.com's Tokyo Game Show coverage quotes Koei president Kenji Matsubara:

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce is a game unlike any other in the franchise. Until now, the quintessential Dynasty Warriors experience pitted a lone warrior against thousands of enemies. For the first time, up to four friends can join together to form a "Strikeforce". Working as a team, players can plan coordinated assaults to conquer massive armed fortresses and colossal beasts.

While immense castles, towers and ships serve as the settings for these legendary quests, the lighting-fast action will go where it has never gone before- the skies above. Gifted with new supernatural abilities characters can streak across the skies and battle enemies at high-altitude.

With both single-player and multi-player quests, new "air" fighting techniques, radical character customization, new challenges to conquer, and downloadable content, Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce will forever change the way gamers experience the Dynasty Warriors universe when it comes to North America and Europe in 2009.

Developed by KOEI's Omega Force, Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce is exclusive to the PSP (PlayStation Portable).


Source: Koei.co.uk