Just Dance 3

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Start Practicing Your Moves For Just Dance On the Wii U
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Start Practicing Your Moves For Just Dance On the Wii U

It’s not that we are surprised by this, but it does make our cravings for a decent, dance game to make a dent in our wallets. As projected by Ubisoft’s 2012 Earnings Presentation, a Just Dance will be making a Wii U appearance to the co-op scene.

As the economy is still on the rocky side of things, Ubisoft expects that Just Dance’s sales will take a decent dive this year, but not without reason. In preparation for what is to be expected from Just Dance’s future, they hope that the franchise’s expansion over to the Wii U and expanding retail to other countries will help bring their sales back up to normal.

More specifically, Ubisoft’s involvement with Nintendo in order to help bring their work over to Japanese soil will greatly improve the sales of Just Dance and increase its overall popularity overseas. Last year’s Just Dance 3 was Nintendo’s latest title release, and by July, Just Dance 2 and Just Dance 3 will be arriving on Japanese shelves with Nintendo’s help.

While the Wii U’s debut is less than half a year away, no release date has been confirmed for a Just Dance on the Wii U yet.  By the end of March next year, however, it could be a part of the group of seven Wii U games that Ubisoft is projected to finish. Still, we believe the gaming scene will be more curious to find out how the Wii U controller will be incorporated into the gameplay itself (we hope that we won't have to dance on the Wii U tablet). We'll let you know once we hear anything more.

Source: Nintendoworldreport.com