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Beyond Co-Op Review: AMY

I’m going to do you a favor here, since I know you probably scroll to the bottom of a review to see the score before even reading. I’m giving AMY, a single player survival horror title on Xbox LIVE Arcade and Playstation Network a 1 out of 5, and that’s being generous. Now you can continue to read on to se


CCV: Collector's Editions According to Kat

Collector's Editions are a bit of a new phenomenon as gaming goes. Sure, there have been gaming bonuses in previous generations (like a gold cartridge for the first so-many copies of Zelda: Majora's Mask sold on N64), and lots of goodies to buy on the sides. But having extras exclusive to a bundle complete with game is a somewhat fr


CCV: My Summer Lull Was Gaming Block, Starcraft 2

It's hard to imagine that it's already August, and I haven't completed or even played many games at all this summer. My Summer Lull consisted of not gaming. I call it a "gaming block." As my writer's block lifted, I started to be immersed in this world I created in my brain meats, and for some reason a gaming block


CCV: Gaming Inside And Out - Benefits of Living in a Crazy Place

It's a saying in many places of the country, but never so relevant as Colorado: "Don't like the weather? Wait 5 minutes!" Which is painfully true here. Coloradans will bring winter jackets on picnics in the summer, or stock the trunk of their cars with an umbrella, a snow shovel, a down jacket, some blankets, and a change


CCV: The Hype Machine

It's so tempting for me to write a blog on every Co-optimus Community Voice topic I see, but I just don't have the time. Ironically, the reason I have so little time is largely due to the fact that I've fallen for the hype of so many games and feel that once I purchase (most of) them, I should finish up at least the single playe


Kat's 2010 Backlog

It's that time of year again. Time to reflect on a year long gone, and look at the games you purchased in a rush of raw emotions yet never managed to complete or even start up. Not surprisingly most of my unfinished games are single player. The games that don't want me to play with my friends. The games that I have to play when no o


CCV The Perfect Game...For Me: Alan Wake

After playing Alan Wake a handful of people tweeted, IM’d, and wrote on my Facebook wall that “this game is so Kat.” You know what, it is. Why is that, though? Why did I play this game from start to finish, including the DLC, almost immediately? There are a variety of elements I hold dear in my gaming experience, and Alan


College girl reports increase in productivity due to video game use

This is kinda what my school year was looking like for a while. Now that the semester is over, I can say I feel pretty good about things. My GPA looks good, my career goals look as good as they can for wanting to be a writer, my schedule for next semester is promising, and I did it all while still able to game and keep my social status u...