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CCV: Gaming Inside and Out - The World Ends With Me, Apparently

You see, I love nature. Really, it's great. I promise. All those, uh, brown and green things coming out of the ground? I appreciate that oxygen stuff they give me. And, uh, those little chirpy things. Yeah, those things make nice noises.


CCV: tl;dr - Splatterhouse

Splatterhouse. The name alone makes me grin as I remember my childhood, playing the original games, even though I wasn't very good at them. So when the 2010 update to the franchise was announced and the release date finalized, you had better believe I was on board, even grabbing the little pre-order mask that came with the game. It&...


Deriaz's Favorite Co-Op Game

"RTA", as my buddies and I call it, was released when I was in the strange world called "7th grade". Middle School was a blur, and hormones were raging. How I survived, I don't know -- I tell people that I have permanent mental scars from it -- but I do recall learning about this sequel that looked to expand on a gam