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by bapenguin

How does Coin Master Differ from Other Slot Machines?

The mobile gaming market is huge and has many subcategories.  One of these is social casino gaming, which is the third largest revenue generator within the mobile gaming market. You get an amazing array of games within this segment - slots being the largest revenue generators of them all, with a 78% market share. One game that has broken all barriers in this segment is Coin Master, a game developed by Israeli gaming company Moon Active.

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Coin Master has a game play pattern that is just like what you get at conventional slots. And yet, the game is not just a slot; there is way more to it than that, and this is what makes it so different from a conventional slot and so popular among players from across the world. 

What Exactly is Coin Master?

Coin Master is a single-player casual mobile game that fuses different game approaches to create a blockbuster gaming experience. At the core is the standard slot approach and then there are layers added to it, like base building, raiding, making snatch-and-grab moves to acquire other players’ assets and more. 

Around this core are the peripherals that grab a player’s attention: great UX and UI, superbly balanced approach and fast game play. 

How Coin Master Works

This is how Coin Master works. The all-important move that you make as a player is spin the reels. There is a giant slot machine on-screen; spinning it gives you different combinations of symbols just like in a regular slot game. The more spins you wager the bigger your rewards are likely to get. 

The result of each spin is one of the following actions: 

  • Win coins 

  • Build your own village 

  • Raid or attack and steal coins from other players

  • Collect pets that will help you steal more while you are raiding

  • Win shields that you use to protect your assets

You can wager the coins you won back into the game to upgrade the village that you build in the course of play. 

How is Coin Master Different from Other Slot Machines?

Coin Master is very different from your traditional slot machines and also other slots that comprise the social casino gaming world. 

  1. The first level of difference is in the inherent multiplicity that Coin Master brings to the table. It is this multiplicity that makes this game so engaging and popular among players. The standard approach that you see in your traditional slots – place a wager, spin the wheel, pick up any one of a set of rewards or go on to the next spin, depending on the way the symbols land on the reels – is missing here. 

The levels of engagement are obviously bound to be higher when you play Coin Master simply because there is so much to do, and it doesn’t cost you too much. You can visit many online casinos to enjoy classic slots for free, or you can play Coin Master for a totally out-of-this-world experience!

  1. The second difference is in the overall play experience: you could actually compare playing Coin Master to playing multiple slots at the same time within one umbrella game. That is again because of the different types of engagements possible for you within the game depending on what your spin throws up. Here is where it differs from other social casino games as well that involve base building: you don’t have to decide which activity you want to do; the spin takes that decision for you.

  2. The third difference is in the singularity of the experience of playing. When you play slots you are playing alone and it is just your game. Coin Master takes a different path here, by bringing in the concepts of raiding and stealing. You are taken to the play area of another player where you can conduct raids and steal from them.

  3. The fourth difference is in the outcome and is almost psychological. When you play a traditional slot the joy of winning lasts until the next spin. With Coin Master that changes completely because you don’t just win a reward, you also work to build on it – by conducting raids or collecting coins – and protect it, by collecting shields to ward off attacks by other players.

  4. The fifth difference is the milestone-driven system for rewards. This makes the game engaging and you want to play more to unlock more levels and get bigger rewards.

  5. Another big difference is in terms of the marketing approach that the game developers have taken. Influencer marketing has been a huge part of the success story of Coin Master. When someone who is considered a social media influencer speaks about a product – in this case Coin Master – you tend to listen and take it more seriously than when you see a random banner ad on a casino website.


Coin Master is Huge: The Numbers Speak for Themselves

The best thing about the Coin Master story is that this is not a new social media game that broke all barriers; it is quite old! The game was in fact launched in November 2010, and it was only when the company behind it, Moon Active rehashed an ad last year and the ad ended up going viral that the social casino gaming world exploded.

Here are a few numbers, put together by Sensor Tower, to underline the massive appeal and reach of this game:

  • It has crossed 81 million downloads as of end October 2019.

  • As of October 2019, the game has accrued global revenues of $508 million.

  • The revenue per download currently stands at $6.20.

  • The most revenue the game generated was in July 2019, at $54 million, a 608% increase year-on-year.

  • Sales from user spending contributed to 78% of the total gross revenue the game generated.

  • The top revenue generator for the game was the USA, at $260 million or 51% of the total revenue.

  • The second highest revenue generator was the UK, at $52 million or 10 percent of the total revenue.

  • The maximum downloads were in India, at 26 million, followed by the USA at 19 million and the UK at 8.6 million.