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GTA Online (co-op) Casino Heist Reviewed

Cooperative games are some of the most fun games you can play, especially when there’s loot involved. Grand Theft Auto is known for being an immersive game of open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay, and multiplayer nonstop action/adventure. Now with GTA Online’s co-op casino heist, there is a lot more at stake.


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Killer Casino Fun

Want some real-life loot instead?

If you successfully complete the heist and are looking for some real-life loot from a real-life online casino, you can score big and never have to worry about getting heisted. 

The good news is that it is damn near impossible to rob a real money online casino, unlike their real-world counterparts. Bad news for heists, good news for you and the pile of loot you scored from your last big win. 

The Diamond Casino and Resort

Time to go Ocean’s Eleven up in here.

When the Diamond Casino and Resort was introduced to the game, the addition brought a fresh batch of missions and scenarios, as well as your own hostable heists. (Say that three times fast.)

Before you gear up and don your balaclava, you gotta get the lay of the land. Grab your illicit copies of the casino’s blueprints and check out how you’re going to get in. 

The Plan: How to rob a casino

You’ll have a few hoops to jump through in the beginning before you can even start planning (buy an arcade? wft?) but it’s all part of it. Just go with the flow.


Once you gain access to Lester's underground base, you actually get a whiteboard. These apparently cannot be purchased in stores and are 100% necessary for planning a heist.


Now you can check your blueprints. There are six points of entry including: the main door, the side door, the roof terrace, the security tunnel, the sewer (ewww), and the roof. But before you even pick your entrance, you gotta figure out what type of approach you’re going to take.


In GTA Online co-op, there are three ways to rob a casino in the latest heist:




The Big Con


Each approach requires its own type of plan, crew, and execution. There are pros and cons to every style of approach, but each one can get the job done if you know what you’re doing. The difficulty of the mission really depends on how much legwork you do beforehand. Let’s take a look.


Also known as silent and sneaky, this is the one you’d pick if you always play a rogue in Dungeons & Dragons (guilty!). This style mission includes tasks like getting unmarked weapons, finding getaway vehicles, acquiring a hacking device, obtaining vault keycards (super important), acquiring a nano drone, and finding a Vault Laser.


Best for the overeager, center-stage, flamboyant criminals among us. Choosing this method includes the usuals: grab unmarked weapons, make sure you have getaway vehicles, acquire a hacking device, and swipe some vault keycards — but also includes stuff that goes BOOM! In this option, you get to be really aggressive, using thermal charges and vault explosives. Nothing sneaky about this one.

The Big Con

If you’re a fan of Halloween or just like getting dressed up, this is the option for you. Along with the regular objectives of getting unmarked weapons, finding getaway vehicles, hacking devices, and vault keycards, you also get to find and wear disguises! Don’t forget about the vault drill. We’re using precision technology (and hopefully skill) here.

Optional Missions

Obviously, there is a lot of overlap between the missions because, duh! You need that stuff to get the goods. Along with each preset mission, there are optional missions that you can choose as well if you want to really show off.

Once you choose your method, you get to move on to the fun stuff like scoping out security, checking out what’s actually in the vault (is it even worth my time, ugh), and completing your “To-Do List” that your magical whiteboard tells you to do. Always listen to the magic whiteboard.

The Crew: There is always that one guy

No matter how great you think you are, you can’t rob the casino all by yourself. 

You need a crew. A crew consists of a driver, a gunman, and a hacker. How good that crew is… well, that’s entirely up to you and how much money you feel like parting with. 

The more skilled, better equipped, and, frankly, smarter NPCs are going to do a better job but they are going to take a bigger cut of the profit. If you go for the bargain-basement crewmembers, get ready for stupid blunders, botched execution, and general tomfoolery. 

I recommend spending the most money on your hacker. That is probably the most important position that can really make or break a heist.

The Heist: It’s all going according to plan...

You gotta keep your wits about you when you set out. Dangers abound that could ruin your well-rehearsed plan: hidden security cameras, the dreaded vision cones of an errant security guard, alarm bells, or get-away vehicles that never show up.

Keep your cool and deal with issues as they come. Don’t forget, the longer you have in the vault with that sweet, sweet treasure, the more you’ll be able to grab.

The Loot: The real treasure is teamwork

Just kidding. The real treasure is cash. But actually it could be gold, artwork, or diamonds too. You actually get to scope this part out ahead of time and choose which one you’re going to aim for. Diamonds are the most valuable option and cash is the least. Whichever you pick, make sure to mark it on your all-powerful whiteboard.

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