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Experience The Best Strategy Android Games 2021

Do you have an Android phone? Indeed, you will have one! In this Golden Age of mobile phones, very few of us would not have played games on our phones. The Generation Alpha has been entitled to be the most addicted mobile gamers. However, if you want to enjoy gaming with a brainstorming session, what could be better than strategic games? Strategy games emphasize critical thinking ability keeping the mind into nonstop action. If you are also a fan of strategic gaming, then this article is just made for you. Today we present for you the best strategy games of 2021. Stay hooked with us to discover how many of them are on your wishlist.

Top Five Strategic Games of 2021

  1. XCOM: Enemy Within

Do you like strategy games? Indeed for that reason, you are here. Do you like Sci-fi games also? How about clubbing both the genres together? If you are excited to see the outcome, then it XCOM: Enemy Within. In this game, you will be battling with aliens and protecting Mother Earth. You will be playing a team, and the only objective of your troop is to defeat the outer space invaders. You can also upgrade the weapons of your battalion and unlock new abilities in the game.

  1. The Banner Saga 1 and 2

The Banner Saga by Versus Evil is one such series game that you will find on the penultimate position of the best Android strategy gaming list every year. This year as well, it holds its position. The subtleness of the story, grandeur graphics, and unique yet tactical gameplay makes it one of its kind. What is new this time? The game focus on small combats, looting episodes, and character progression.

The Banner Saga is an excellent combination of action-thriller, historical wars, Sci-Fi experience, and ultimately a visual treat to the eyes.

  1. Company Of Heroes:

Company of Heroes is the first authentic real-time strategy game that appeared on Google Play. The game was initially released in 2006 by Relic Entertainment and was based on World War II. If you want to get into serious RTS, then believe us; COH is just made for you.

  1. Door Kickers:

KillHouse Games’ Door Kickers has proved to the perfect choice for the mobile gaming world, offering a combination of unique premise and mind-blowing real-time tactical combating skills. The game is about controlling and managing your SWAT team. You need to invade and destroy the bases of terrorists and criminals. The game offers a rating system. If you accomplish all the objectives of the game, you get a three-star. The games provide some of the best levels in tactical combatting gaming history. It is one of the perfect enjoyable strategy games of all time.  

  1. Rome: Total War

If you are a fan of the roman battles and wars, you can now enjoy the medieval wars on your palmtop. To excel in this turn-based battle game, you need to have a comprehensive strategical mindset. There are 19 factions to choose from and establish dominance over other sections. Rome: Total War is not just a war game; you also need to manage your state's religious, political, and economic affairs besides fighting wars.

Bonus – Ever Green Game

Whether it is a PC or smartphone, the one strategy game that remains irreplaceable is Roulette games. You can enjoy your time or spend an evening with your friends. Roulette will never fail to entertain as well as amaze you. You can also play this fantastic game during a small get-together, and you can arrange small rewards for the winner.

So, keep playing the best strategic android games of 2021, keep both your hands and mind busy! 

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