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VPN During Online Gambling: Is It Legal?

It can be frustrating when you get denied access to a website because the country you're trying to access the gambling site from isn't allowed to place wagers on that particular casino company.

For instance, when you travel to Portugal, you can play games on a site like melhor casino online, however you might need to turn on your VPN to create an online Portuguese account. This way, you get to receive the welcome bonuses and also place wagers on the games the website offers its players.

However, before taking that step, you must ascertain if using Virtual Private Network (VPN) for online games is legal. You definitely don't want to win a game and be denied access to your wins just because you used a VPN. Thus, to know if the use of a VPN during gambling is legal, you should continue reading.

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What Is VPN?


VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network, which people use to create extra privacy and security for all their dealings on the internet. VPN works by connecting remote sites over the public internet through a secure portal known as a 'tunnel.' In simpler terms, most people use a virtual private network to access the internet to keep their identity a secret, especially from dubious third parties. This way, scammers won't be able to track and monitor their online activities. 

Additionally, some people might decide to use a VPN because it helps them create a disguise that they're somewhere, even when they aren't. For instance, someone who lives in the UK can give the impression that they're currently in Portugal, which is a farce.

For these reasons, most internet users are usually tempted to turn on their VPN, especially when engaging in online casino games. However, should they be doing that? Is it legal? The answer to this question is somewhat not definitive. 

Using VPN, in general, is considered legal by most countries. Although, some countries do not permit their citizens to use VPNs regardless of any reason or purpose. Countries like China, North Korea, Iraq, Russia, Turkey, etc., somewhat limit their citizens from using VPNs. These countries do not outrightly ban VPNs, but most VPN sites are blocked.


Is It Legal to Game Online Using VPN?

Assuming you read online that a particular casino company offers a lot of bonuses and rewards to its players, you might be tempted to play in such a company. However, if the company restricts citizens from your country from playing online games on their website, or your country doesn't allow that online casino company to operate in the country. 

To bypass this problem, you might want to use a VPN. Additionally, most gamblers would like to keep their online activities private, so most would resort to VPN use. To answer the legality of VPN during online gambling, you have to consider two factors: the casino company and your country.



Although some countries might not frown at online casino games, others are strictly against it. Also, even in countries that allow their citizens to game online, some do not approve of their citizens using VPNs during online gambling for reasons known to them. Thus, you must know its rules and regulations before using a VPN to gamble online in any country. 


You should know that what country A might accept won't be acceptable to country B. Therefore, to avoid having a legal case breathing down your neck, you should check out your country's rules on VPN usage for online gaming.


Casino Company

Because there are many scams out there, who would want to exploit the generosity of these casino companies, some companies are against some countries' citizens from playing and also against using VPNs.


For example, because VPN provides the users' privacy by concealing their IP addresses, some scam gamblers might decide to open several new accounts to receive the welcome bonuses these companies grant their new players. This goes against many casino companies as this fall under the 'bonus abuse.' Thus, if you're caught using VPN to play on their site, most companies block or limit your account, regardless of your reasons.

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However, in some cases, where you're outside of your country for a short period and want to log into your casino account, you may get away with using VPN. But consistent use of VPN is considered illegal by many casino websites. Therefore, before using VPN to access any gaming sites, you should check if such sites are lenient with their players using VPN. 


Additionally, you must ascertain if the country you intend to play in with a VPN allows its citizens to do that regardless of whether it's legal to gamble in that country. Ensure you're not breaking any rules when using VPNs to gamble online.


How to Choose A VPN

Choosing the best VPN is essential if you have ascertained that it's legal to use a VPN. You have to consider if:


  • They have a good reputation

  • They provide an extra layer of security

  • They are registered in a country that forces companies to share your data. If so, you might want to avoid such.

  • Their payment methods. Some are more anonymous than others.


Thanks to our expert guest post author, Victoria Oliveira, we are sure we have been able to provide you an insight on whether the use of VPN during online gambling is legal. And if so, how to select a good VPN to use. Furthermore, suppose you're interested in video poker, you should check this out!