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5 Apps You Must Install on Your Smartphone When in Canada


When visiting a new country, there are several things you need to put in place to make the best of your time. Thanks to the tech industry and its several implementations, you can have a great experience in any country you wish to visit, even as a first-timer. If you find yourself in Canada, some important mobile apps can make your stay more exciting and stress-free.


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With that said, this article provides a concise review of the top 5 apps every tourist or newly relocated person should consider having on their smartphones in Canada. Read on for more information.


1. Uber

While in Canada, you’ll need to move about, meet new folks, see new places, and go about with your daily life. There’s a high possibility that you won’t know your way around the various provinces, cities, or towns. That’s where a cab-hailing service will come in handy, and Uber is one of the best and leading cab services in Canada and worldwide.


Although, some hotels provide their vehicle services to customers. However, that might be more expensive than you can imagine. So, if you want to have a great time navigating your way around Canada or whichever of its provinces you’re in, then we recommend that you download and install the Uber app on your Android or iPhone from either Google PlayStore or the Apple Store.


2. Airbnb

 Another super-handy mobile app you should install on your smartphone is Airbnb. We all know that hotel bills can be quite expensive while traveling. If this is your situation, then you might want to consider installing the Airbnb mobile app.


Airbnb is a platform that allows homeowners or property owners to lease their houses at affordable prices to tourists and other people who may need them for a short period. So, you can download this software and get a space for the number of days you’ll be staying. Plus, you can also see the details of all the resources available to you. Also, you can download it to your Android or iPhone devices.


3. Foodora

As a newbie to a new location, another thing you will want to consider is the array of delicacies offered in the new country, state, or city. Now, we’re not talking about the meals provided by the hotel you’re spending your time, we are talking about the foods the locals cherish. Thanks to Foodora, you can order your favorite local Canadian meals.


In Canada, there are various local and continental dishes you might want to taste while enjoying your vacation. Also, you get your meal delivered to your doorstep within a few minutes—whether freshly cooked or baked. Furthermore, the app provides you with various amazing discounts and exciting deals.


Using the Foodora app, you can find local restaurants nearby your hotel where you can spend less yet have a great time. Foodora is available for Android and iOS devices on Google PlayStore and Apple Store.


4. Explore Canada Like a Local

When in a new land, you need to research and find the list of places you should consider visiting. Getting a local tour guide to take you around town might be a bit pricey for your budget, and that’s where you can take advantage of self-education, and this is the best app you should consider.

person holding maple leaf

Using this mobile tool, you will be able to see various locations and places of interest that will make your visit enjoyable. The tool offers many different themes, user-submitted place lists, live maps, and many more. Also, all the suggested places are usually close to your location. 


Notably, the app is available for free for all Android and iPhone users, although users might need to pay for some premium features. Ultimately, Explore Canada Like a Local helps you discover some cool locations, and you can even search for sites that offer free mobile casino games within the country or province you’re in if you are interested.


5. Air Canada

The last on our list today is Air Canada. This multi-purpose app enables users to have thrilling services within just one platform. The all-in-one tool is one of the most useful mobile apps in that enables tourists to have direct access to their flight arrangements from their mobile phones.


Using Air Canada, you can book, find available flights, track flights, upgrade flight classes, choose seats on flights, or buy things. Notably, you can also access various other services right from your phone. However, one thing to note is that Air Canada isn’t available on Android devices - you can only access it from iOS devices.



As a tourist in Canada, there are some apps you need to install on your smartphone to keep you ahead of the tides and seasons. Some for cab-hailing services, others for ordering special delicacies, or even places to spend time in any of the provinces.


While preparing for your stay in the North American giant, ensure to download and install these apps on your phone. To ramp up the fun, ensure to install as many apps as possible to enjoy unfiltered access to all the fun in the nation. If you enjoy a good casino experience, Canadian mobile casino apps can help you have a fun time enjoying your best games and winning real money legally.


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Navigating Canada and enjoying its offerings could be a huge task for tourists. These mobile apps can help you get the best out of the country without fuss.