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The Impact of the Self-Awareness Process on Learning and Leading

Self-awareness is when you are able to reflect internally. One self-awareness definition is that it gives you conscious knowledge of your own character and feelings. You begin to understand who you are relative to the world around you. You know your own emotional state at the current time and how this influences your thought processes and behavior. How does self-awareness influence your ability to learn and lead? 


How can you develop self-awareness?


It is fairly common to overestimate your level of self-awareness. You may feel you know and understand yourself better than you do. There are ways to develop more self-awareness which can lead to a more fulfilled life. 


Regular reflection: Looking within and being honest is hard. Your first reaction when you see something you don’t like is usually to defend against it. You have to let go of your instinctual urge to self-protect. You have to be open to seeing the good and the bad.


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Keep a journal: Journaling is a good way to start the process of being more mindful. Ask yourself what you did well, what challenges you faced, and how you responded. This can help you to recognize behavior patterns that serve you and those that don’t. 


Spend time with others: You develop your sense of self in relation to others. Spending too much time alone doesn’t allow for this. Take note if others are honest with you about your behavior in certain situations. Try to take a third-party perspective in situations where you may be angry or experience other negative emotions. What would you advise if you were a good friend watching your behavior? 


How self-awareness affects learning and leading


Self-awareness has an impact on learning and leading in many different ways. 


You know your strengths and weaknesses: The opposite of self-awareness is self-deception. This gives you a skewed view of reality. You tend to blame others for your failures. You aren’t aware of your own strengths and weaknesses. When you fail an exam, you will say the paper was unfair rather than accept that you didn’t study hard enough. When you are self-aware, you can accept responsibility for your failures and seek to improve. 


You have internal motivation: You don’t need others to motivate you to learn. You have the drive to learn because you understand why it’s important. 


You are aware of your own thought processes: When you understand how you learn, you become a better learner. You may be a visual learner who understands best by watching videos rather than reading text. 


Benefits of self-awareness


  • Enhance self-regulation: Self-regulation is an important part of the learning process. It allows you to understand and monitor your emotions and behavior. You have more influence over outcomes.


  • Improve decision-making: When you are self-aware, you have more capacity to weigh up your choices and evaluate your options. This improves your chances of making the right decisions, even in difficult situations. 


  • Set goals and track progress: You will know what you want to learn and why you want to learn. This helps you to set realistic goals. You can track your progress and understand what you still need to learn to reach your goals. 


  • Develop leadership skills: Self-awareness is an essential trait for leading others. When you understand how your values, habits, emotions, behavior etc., influence others, you become a better head. You are aware of what you do well and where you need to delegate to others. Others will be more likely to put their trust in you because you will hold yourself accountable. You will be more empathetic and emotionally intelligent




You need to prioritize self-awareness because it can have a great impact on learning and leading. When you are self-aware, you have the ability to monitor and adjust your behavior. You are motivated to learn. You know your strengths and weaknesses and understand how you learn best. Your self-regulation and decision-making improve, and you can set goals and monitor your progress. By following these tips, you will make a drastic improvement and fare well in your academics. 


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