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Bitcoin Online Casino Sites USA: Best US BTC Gambling Alternative

Bitcoin online casinos have become a common sight in recent years and this guide is here to explain what they are all about. This means that you’ll learn how these gaming sites function and how they differ from regular online casinos. Plus there will be a look at the different kinds of special offers that you can get at these sites with exclusive deals, like the promo code MIKBONUS for 5% Rakeback providing a good example. All of this should be enough for you to see whether you should play at a Bitcoin online casino. 


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Compare Bitcoin Casinos for Offers



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60+ slots, keno and video poker games


Can You Win Money Playing at Bitcoin Casinos?


All Bitcoin casinos work in different ways. Some are real money casino sites where you play with real money and win real money. Others are sweepstakes gaming sites, where you can buy virtual credit with Bitcoin and then use this credit to play sweepstakes games where you can win a bunch of different prizes. 


Some sites even just let you play for free and you don’t actually get anything in return. This guide will help you find the Bitcoin casino with the safest way to play and the best prizes available. 

How does the currency system work for US BTC gambling?


Bitcoin casino sites tend to use a variety of different currencies that you can use as stakes for your gameplay. Each type of currency should be understood;  it has a big impact on the legality of the casino site and how you can use it. Here are the main types of currency that you’ll come across at Bitcoin casinos:


  • Real money: Lots of Bitcoin casinos let you play with real money but these are all illegal in the US. This is because any licensed online casino in the US that lets you play with real money isn’t allowed to feature cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as a payment method. 


  • Sweepstakes Coins: Sweepstakes Coins are one of the main kinds of virtual credit that you will find at sweepstakes casinos. This kind of virtual credit has no cash value. 


  • Gold Coins: This is another kind of virtual credit that features at sweepstakes casinos and social casinos. Again, Gold Coins don’t have any cash value. 


How does the coin system work at Bitcoin gambling casinos?


The only legit casinos in the US that take Bitcoin are sweepstakes casinos. These feature the Sweepstakes Coins and Gold Coins types of virtual credit that have the following important differences:


  • Sweepstakes Coins: You cannot purchase Sweepstakes Coins, but they can be used to play promotional sweepstakes games where you can sometimes win prizes. Sweepstakes Coins can be won, earned through a promo, or picked up as a bonus when buying Gold Coins.


  • Gold Coins: While you can purchase Gold Coins, you can only use them to play sweepstakes casino games in a standard mode which is where you have no chance of winning any prizes. As such, Gold Coins are all about playing for fun. 


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How to Play Without Buying Gold Coins When Enjoying Some Bitcoin Online Gambling


Although it’s useful to be able to purchase Gold Coins, this isn’t the most cost-effective way to enjoy Bitcoin gaming. Here are some alternative ways that you can get this kind of virtual credit:


  • Welcome bonuses: Lots of sweepstakes casinos will serve up welcome bonuses that can give you Gold Coins as a gift.


  • Daily login bonuses: These are great deals where you may receive Gold Coins simply for logging into your account each day.


  • Social media promos: Many sweepstakes casinos take to social media where they give away Gold Coins for you completing simple tasks. 


How to get free sweeps coins at Bitcoin online casinos?


The good news is that it’s just as easy to get free Sweepstakes Coins as it is Gold Coins. Here are some of the most common ways that sweepstakes casinos like to give away this virtual credit:


  • Tournaments: Many sweepstakes casinos host special tournaments, races, battles and missions where you compete against other players. Getting a high place on the leaderboard may see you getting Sweepstakes Coins as a reward.


  • Regular giveaways: You might get daily or even hourly Sweepstakes Coins rewards just for logging into your account. Plus, some gaming sites even serve up Sweepstakes Coins for free on a weekly or monthly basis.


  • Postal requests: Some sweepstakes casinos allow you to send them a postal request asking for Sweepstakes Coins and then they’ll top up your account balance. Bear in mind that there are often strict requirements for how you can do this listed in the terms and conditions. 


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Best Bitcoin Casinos

There can be a fairly wide gulf in the overall quality and legality of Bitcoin casino sites. As such, this guide has simply highlighted the best Bitcoin casino and revealed a couple of alternative options for when you don’t want to play with this cryptocurrency.


The Best New Sweepstakes Casino: has quickly managed to become a market leader for Bitcoin gaming. This is because it has created a sweepstakes gaming site that features hundreds of quality games and lots of prizes on offer. 


You can play all of the slots and table games for free at, but there is the option to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to make a purchase of Gold Coins. Doing so could give you a bonus of Stake Cash which is the brand’s version of Sweepstakes Coins that you can use to enter the promotional sweepstakes. You have the potential for winning prizes like branded merchandise, gift cards or even crypto coins like Bitcoin for taking part.


The casino gaming selection at is just as good as you’ll get at regular online casinos. You’ll see hundreds of quality slots from acclaimed developers like Pragmatic Play and Hacksaw Gaming, and there’s even a nice selection of Stake Originals games. These are exclusives that range from table games like blackjack and roulette through to innovative titles like Crash and Mines. Don’t forget that also features some live dealer games which is something you don’t see at too many sweepstakes casinos. 


  • 5% rakeback welcome bonus

  • Hundreds of slots, table games and live dealer games

  • Many promos, giveaways and tournaments

  • Partnered with Drake and Everton FC 


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While you can’t make purchases with Bitcoin at, it provides you with another great example of a sweepstakes casino site. After all, you will find well over 500 casino games here and they all come from highly regarded developers such as Konami, Pragmatic Play and NetEnt.


There’s an impressive variety of casino games on offer with everything from some simple slots to live dealer games of blackjack and roulette. The slot gaming selection is quite remarkable with lots of Megaways games, while the ‘hot’ games all have a much more generous return to player percentage. 


In fact, one of the only things holding the brand back is that it’s just a play-for-free site meaning that you don’t get any rewards for playing here.Still, has earned a good reputation for serving up lots of special offers that should keep you from having to actually purchase any virtual credit. For example, the brand will simply give you $20 of virtual credit every four hours, and then there are things like the free bonus wheel that’ll keep your account nicely topped up. 


  • Get free virtual credit every four hours

  • Free to play sweepstakes casino

  • Impressive range of hundreds of games

  • Safe and respected sweepstakes casino site


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Fortune Coins - Another Strong Alternative to Bitcoin Casino Gaming


Fortune Coins doesn’t let you use Bitcoin, but what it does have is an exceptional welcome offer. This gives you 140,000 Gold Coins and 500 Fortune Coins just for signing up to the sweepstakes casino for the first time. Just so you know, Fortune Coins are the kind of virtual credit that works in a similar way to regular Sweepstakes Coins. So by purchasing some Gold Coins, you might get some Fortune Coins as a bonus - then these can be wagered to win some cash prizes. 


By accepting the welcome, you could enjoy all of the games at Fortune Coins without having to actually purchase any credit. It’s not the largest games selection at Fortune Coins but you’ll still get to enjoy over 60 games of Keno, online slots, video poker, and even some mysteriously named ‘fish games’.


Fortune Coins also has a decent range of promos that can work wonders in keeping your account topped up with virtual credit. These include things like daily login bonuses, refer-a-friend deals and so on. Everything else about Fortune Coins works just as you’d hope with 24/7 customer support, a fully encrypted site, and the fact that the brand complies with all of the sweepstakes gaming laws for each state that it operates in.


  • Get 140,000 Gold Coins and 500 Fortune Coins for signing up

  • 60+ games of slots, keno and video poker

  • Daily login bonuses for getting more credit

  • 24/7 customer support available 


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How to Choose a New Bitcoin Casino


You shouldn’t necessarily just sign up to the first Bitcoin casino you see. After all, there is plenty of variety out there in terms of quality. This means that you should check for the following factors before you register your account at any online casino that takes Bitcoin payments:


Game selection at Bitcoin online casinos


Everyone will have their own favorite kind of casino game but not all Bitcoin casinos will be able to meet everyone’s needs. Most Bitcoin casinos will have dozens of online slot games, but things get trickier if you are looking for your perfect variant of table games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Plus, things like live casino games can be even harder to find. Just remember to check who the developers are who create the games as this can be a good indication of the overall quality of gameplay. 


Offers and free sweeps


All good Bitcoin casinos will keep you nicely stocked up with virtual credit that should stop you having to get your crypto wallet out too often. Obviously, there should be some kind of welcome bonus that gives new customers either virtual credit up front or some kind of rakeback. Plus, we like those casinos who feature login bonuses that give you gaming credit every few hours. 

Prizes at Bitcoin online casinos


You’ll notice a pretty wide variety of prizes that are served up by sweepstakes casinos. Some have cash prizes and others prefer to give away gift cards, merchandise or even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Plus it’s worth noting that many social casinos don’t actually include any prizes at all. So be sure to check the small print of each Bitcoin casino to make sure you know what prizes are available. Don’t forget to see how the redemption process works to make sure that you can receive whatever prizes are on offer. 


Is an app available?


Lots of Bitcoin casinos have been relatively slow to create their own gaming apps. Thankfully, they have taken the time to ensure that each of their gaming sites have been made mobile-friendly. As a result, you should be able to use the browser of any modern iPhone or Android mobile and play from there. So while the lack of an app might be underwhelming, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying all that Bitcoin casinos have to offer.


Customer support


All good Bitcoin casinos should have a friendly and effective customer service team. This means that you should always be able to get help with anything from making your Bitcoin transaction to redeeming any prizes. Ideally, the casino should have customer support that is available via live chat, email and telephone, and a well-written FAQ can go a long way.


Areas of operation


It’s important to note that all Bitcoin casinos will only operate in certain areas. For example, a sweepstakes casino like will cover much of the US but won’t be operational in Kentucky, Washington, Nevada, New York and Idaho. Plus, you should check to make sure that the Bitcoin casino is actually allowed to operate in the US. This means taking care to avoid any of those offshore casino sites that offer you nothing in the way of customer protection when you use their sites. Such information about a casino’s areas of operation is usually found in its page of terms and conditions. 

Expect More Bitcoin Online Casinos in the Future


This guide has shown that there’s plenty of promise when it comes to Bitcoin casino gaming. Brands like have shown that Bitcoin can be used effectively as a way of funding a player’s gaming and it’s expected that many more online casinos will follow this example in the future. 


While there remains uncertainty about how the various government agencies and financial institutions will get to grips with Bitcoin, there is little doubt that the cryptocurrency is here to stay. All of this paints a bright future for Bitcoin online casinos.


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How long do payments take at Bitcoin casinos?


Most Bitcoin payments will be processed in under 10 minutes. However, processing times might be longer at times of busier network activity. 


Are there any fees for making Bitcoin payments at online casinos?


It depends on the casino site that you are using. Most online casinos won’t charge you any fees for using Bitcoin, but you should remember that there will be fees embedded in each cryptocurrency transaction that you make.


How old do I have to be to use Bitcoin casino sites?


On the whole, you will have to be at least 21 years old to use any online casino.


Can I trust Bitcoin casinos?


Again, it depends on which casino site you are using. After all, Bitcoin is an unregulated cryptocurrency and it can be susceptible to scams. However, each of the Bitcoin casinos featured in this guide have built up a good reputation for being trusted with your crypto payments.