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Best Online Casino Sites in Texas: Top 3 TX Casino Sites

There are lots of great options for anyone looking for an online casino in Texas right now. Alongside the best operators, that also includes finding quality promotions – like an exclusive 5% rakeback offer with bonus code MIKBONUS at


While real money casinos may be illegal in Texas, there’s no reason to miss out on all that gaming goodness. Keep reading to find out how. 


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The top TX casinos

The first step to discovering your ideal casino is to have a look at some of the finest online casino sites in Texas, just to get the lay of the land. Here’s a few popular choices to get you started:

  • Generous promotions, including the exclusive 5% rakeback with bonus code MIKBONUS and daily reloads, with unique games galore.

  • In many ways, this is as close to a cash gambling casino as any alternative.  

  • Fortune Coins: Enormous welcome bonus provides access to a great selection of jackpot slots.


Top Texas online casino sites: Promotions and more 


Best For

Bonus Offer

Casino Games Offered 

A varied games library backed up by generous promotions 

Use bonus code MIKBONUS to unlock 5% rakeback on house edge

Slots, table games, keno, crash, dice, plinko and more.  Over 300 in total. 

Those looking to replicate the real deal, without caring for cash prizes

Every four hours, you have the chance to redeem more credits to play with

Slots, blackjack, roulette, slingo, baccarat, sic bo and live casino games. Over 500 and more on the way.  

Fortune Coins 

Anyone who wishes to recreate the thrill of big casino wins

Bumper newcomer bonus provides you with huge amount of Gold Coins (140,000) and Fortune Coins (500)

Largely jackpots slots, with some table games. Over 50 altogether.


Winning money playing at online casinos in Texas explained

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room. Most people reading this will know that gambling is illegal in Texas. Many people will, therefore, assume that casinos are out of the question. 


However, legal casino gaming is possible through what are known as social or sweepstakes casinos. These are sites where no deposit and no purchase is necessary to play, and you instead play with virtual currencies. 


The best part of all of this is that, as they are sweepstakes casinos, prizes – including cash prizes – are legally possible. 

What are virtual currencies?

Put simply, virtual currencies are what you use to play casino games instead of cash at social casino sites. They must be offered for free, as no sweepstakes casino can be considered legitimate if payment is necessary. 


They fall into the following two categories:


  • Gold Coins: This is the main currency option – the lifeblood of the social casino. These are tokens without any monetary value that you can use to play social casino games. They may also be bought for added playtime. 


  • Sweeps Coins: These are nearly identical to Gold Coins with the distinction that these can be exchanged for cash prizes, but cannot be purchased directly.


Do note, the names of the coins may vary depending on the casino. For example, at, Sweeps Coins are known as Stake Cash.

Step-by-step guide to using social casino coins

Once you have your coins – which is often as simple as registering your account – you’ll need to know how to use them. Well, here’s all you need to know for the top TX casinos:


  1. Ensure your coins are in your account: This should be really simple. Once you’ve redeemed coins, they should appear clearly on your account, so you know they’re there and how much you have. 


  1. Play your coins: As mentioned, your coins work the same way as normal currency would. Blackjack still plays like it always has, for instance. So, play your coins, and do your best to win. This is especially good advice for Sweeps Coins, which often need to be played through to be redeemed. 


  1. Redeem your coins: If you’ve met the minimum requirements set by your online casino in Texas pick, then you can redeem your Sweeps Coins. This will often require you to confirm your identity and details, but otherwise should be as simple as a withdrawal request. 

The purpose of purchasing coins on a social casino

It’s understandable for people to be surprised by the free nature of a social casino. But it’s true – and not only that, it’s the only way in which casinos are legal in Texas. This means that the best online casino sites in Texas must be sweepstakes casinos. 


The only purpose of purchasing coins is to extend your gameplay for fun. That’s why only Gold Coins can be purchased. Do note though, it’s possible for Sweeps Coins to be offered as a bonus alongside the purchase of Gold Coins. 

How do I get free Sweeps Coins?

To be clear, every sweepstakes online casino in Texas that is legal and legitimate will offer you free ways to get Sweeps Coins. In fact, because they cannot be purchased, the only way they are available is as giveaways and promotions. 


While any kind of giveaway is theoretically possible, the following are among the most common examples: 


  • Log-in rewards (often daily) 

  • Registration bonuses

  • Social media giveaways

  • Competitions 

  • Mail-in requests 


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The top online casino sites in Texas

You can be assured that all three of the following top casino picks have great security, a world-class games library, excellent site design, top-tier customer service and generous promotions. 


But what makes them extra special? The best sweepstakes casino #1

One of the reasons many people will pick over the competition is simply that they offer games no one else does. That’s right – while Hacksaw Gaming and Pragmatic Play ensure they can compete with any competition in terms of crowd favorites, it’s the in-house team which goes the extra mile. They craft minimalist classic versions of games like Crash and Keno. 


Beyond that, you have their promotional generosity, exemplified by the exclusive 5% rakeback offer when you use promo code MIKBONUS. Just enter the code during registration and get more back from the house edge – no strings attached. Finally, they’re arguably the top online casino in Texas for anyone looking to redeem their prizes or buy Gold Coins using cryptocurrencies, with a wide variety of cryptos available. 



  • Exclusive rakeback offer

  • Tons of casino classics 

  • Distinctive minimalist titles from in-house team 

  • Chances to get more coins daily 

  • Crypto redemption options 


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What really makes so popular is that pretty much everything good from their real cash gambling casino (minus the gambling element) has been transferred over. That makes this arguably the closest to a traditional casino experience as possible, from the site design to game options. 


We don’t know of many Texas online casino sites, for instance, which offers a fully stocked live casino and a sportsbook you can play for free. The games are also of the highest possible standard. But it’s only for those who aren’t interested in cash prizes. That’s the caveat for – there’s no Sweeps Coins, and no way of winning cash prizes. It’s all about the fun of the casino, and to be fair, it’s considered by many to be an awful lot of fun. 



  • Remains true to the cash version of Betrivers

  • Sportsbook and live casino available 

  • Wide and varied games library

  • Consistent credits provided 

  • Smooth site design 


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Fortune Coins: The best sweepstakes casino #3

There’s one thing that Fortune Coins does (arguably) better than anyone else and that’s focus on jackpot slots. Everything about them is big time. Their welcome offer of 140,000 Gold Coins and 500 Fortune Coins is a mammoth way to start – and it sends the message that they want you to win big. Plus, with a redemption process that’s comparable to the highly praised one offered by, those prizes are possible. 


Of course, this focus on jackpot slots, progressive jackpots, and big winners does mean that there’s less scope in terms of game variety. It also may leave some more casual players feeling a little left out in the cold. However, it fills an important gap. That’s because, for many, their idea of the best online casino sites in Texas is one that’s big, bombastic, full of color and generous prizes. Fortune Coins works hard to deliver on those fronts. 



  • Offers the chance of winning big without the risk 

  • A good pick for slots fans 

  • Focuses in on jackpots

  • Generous promotions for newcomers 

  • Simple redemption process


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Top tips for choosing your online casino in Texas

It’s clear that there’s Texas online casino sites to suit all kinds of gaming tastes. But what if you’re not sure how to go about finding that perfect match? Here’s a few simple tips to help you get started:


  1. Consider the above recommendations: The above picks are just three examples of some popular social casinos available to Texans. They offer a good place to start on your social casino journey.


  1. Follow the promotions: One way of deciding where to start is by utilizing the latest and greatest offers. Not only is this a clear indication of the generosity of the site, but it means you’re seeing the best of them. Take the exclusive 5% rakeback offer as an example, which you can unlock with bonus code MIKBONUS. 


  1. Try out the casinos for yourself: There’s no substitute for first-hand experience, so check out as many social casinos as interest you.


  1. Keep having fun at the forefront of your mind: As long as you do that, you’ll always be a winner. 


  1. Ask questions: Consider all the things you need to know to figure out what kind of betting site you’re looking for. After all, it’s the only way of finding the right fit for you. The following are some examples of questions you may ask yourself:

Free coins and offers

  • How would I prefer to receive free coins? 

  • Am I willing to mail in a request? 

  • Do I log in regularly? 

  • Do promotions need to be simple? 

  • How important are social elements, such as competitions, to my enjoyment of a bonus offer? 

Banking options

  • Do I intend on buying more Gold Coins?

  • How much would I be willing to spend on Gold Coins?

  • What’s an acceptable waiting time for transactions?

  • Which payment options would best suit me? 

  • Via which method would I like to redeem my prizes? 

Design needs and preferences 

  • Do I care about the looks of a site? 

  • If so, what are my aesthetic preferences?

  • Do I need the site to be suitable for total newcomers? 

  • How important is it that I can find a specific game title?

  • What are my mobile needs, if any? 

Game variety

  • What type of casino games do I currently enjoy playing? 

  • What type of casino games may I wish to play in the near future? 

  • Do I prefer a minimalist style of game design? 

  • Do I enjoy relaxing titles or something with excitement? 

  • Are there any software developers I’ve enjoyed in the past and would like to experience again?


  • How important are prizes to my experience? 

  • What kind of prizes would I prefer? 

  • What’s a fair minimum of Sweeps Coins I would accept to receive prizes? 

  • What would I deem as a fair rate of redemption for Sweeps Coins? 

  • How simple must this process be for me to be interested?


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Non-negotiables for a top TX casinos 

You’ll notice that there’s some site elements not included above. That’s because there’s certain things which should be viewed as non-negotiables. 


For example, security is not a matter of preference. Every social casino site must be secure, legal and legitimate to be considered worthy of your time. This also includes the necessity of things like encryption, a robust privacy policy, and a strong reputation. 


You should also consider the ability to contact customer service as a basic standard that you expect from a social casino, with live chat being the gold standard. 


A final non-negotiable is the technical quality of a site – in other words, how well it works. Any site or app you use should be able to be relied upon. 

Finding a social casino should be a joy for all Texans

While the selection out there is vast and the considerations broad, social casinos should always be fun – and so should your journey. A huge part of the joy of finding an online casino in Texas is that they’re completely open to everyone in the state. They’re legal and free, and testing them out ought to be a delight. 


You’ve, quite literally, got nothing to lose because this isn’t about gambling. It’s about having a great time with the best casino games the world has to offer. So, focus on enjoying yourself and the ideal social casino match will come naturally. Perhaps, it may even come with a little bit of a bonus – thanks to the great promotions and bonus codes that are available like’ 5% rakeback offer with bonus code MIKBONUS. 


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Online casino in Texas FAQ


Do social casinos in Texas allow you to gamble? 

No. While social casinos may allow you to play many of the same games you would at a real money casino, you do so with virtual currencies – not real money. They’re, therefore, not considered gambling. This allows them to be legal in a state where gambling is illegal, such as Texas. 


Can you really win money at sweepstakes casinos in Texas?

Absolutely. While you cannot win money by gambling real cash on games like a traditional casino, you can play games for fun and collect Sweeps Coins. These may later be exchanged for prizes subject to terms and conditions. Common terms include a requirement to have played through the Sweeps Coins and to have a minimum amount of them. Some of these prizes may include cash, and this is entirely legal in the state of Texas. 


Are social casinos in Texas free to play? 

Absolutely they are. Only social casinos – which allow for free play without the need for deposit or purchase – can be considered legal and legitimate in the state of Texas. You can, therefore, expect access to Gold Coins and/or Sweeps Coins for nothing in order to enjoy whatever casino games are on offer after you sign up. That said, you can purchase more Gold Coins if you wish to for the purposes of entertainment. 


Can I ‘bet’ on sports events at social casinos in Texas? 

You can. Although fairly rare still, some social casinos – such as – do allow you to make predictions on sporting events with virtual credits. In other words, they allow you to ‘bet’ on sporting events. Truly, there’s no need to miss out on anything offered by a real cash casino when you have the social option. 


Can I use cryptocurrencies on social casinos in Texas? 

Yes, you can. While crypto gambling is strictly illegal in Texas and the US more broadly, cryptocurrency exchanges themselves aren’t illegal. And since what social casinos are offering isn’t gambling, that means cryptocurrencies being used for purchases on social casinos are not illegal either. One such example of a social casino which offers cryptocurrencies is