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by bapenguin

Classic US gameshows are attracting new millennial audiences online

Game shows have been a staple of US TV schedules for as long as there have been TVs in homes. Yet in today’s entertainment landscape, it is hard to understand just how big a deal they were in the 1970s and 1980s. Sure, many of us enjoy catching a few minutes of Family Feud or Jeopardy, although to many, the latter will never be quite the same following the sad loss of Alex Trebek in 2020. 


But today, with video gaming becoming one of the most popular pastimes, millennial audiences demand something a little more interactive than watching others play a game and try to win a prize. Inevitably, this means viewing numbers have declined for TV gameshows, but that doesn’t mean they have to be pensioned off. Some are being reimagined as interactive online games and are attracting a new generation of enthusiasts. 


Dream Catcher brings the Wheel of Fortune to online casinos


Devised by Ezugi Gaming, Dream Catcher is an online casino game that is loosely based on the classic TV gameshow Wheel of Fortune. That iconic big wheel is impossible to mistake, and while the rules of the game have been revised for the casino setting, the basic gameplay is just the same as the TV classic hosted by Chuck Woolery and Pat Sajak in the 1970s and 80s.


Online Dream Catcher is available to play at most online casinos – experts at can provide a list of recommendations. You will find it in the live gaming section, which means it is a truly interactive experience. The game has a live host on a webcam, with whom you can interact via a chat box while you play. 


Retro fun with The Price is Right


One of the most enduring TV gameshows, The Price is Right has spawned several online versions over the years. If you want to play for real cash prizes, the Slingo version is available at most of the casino sites mentioned earlier. However, a just-for-fun version developed by GameTek in 1990 has recently been made available at Classic Reload.


There is the option for one to four players, so you can either go up against the AI or friends and family. Be warned, even in 1990, the music and graphics were a little on the cheesy side. But if you enjoy retro games, and have a good memory for 1990 prices, there is a whole lot of fun to be had here. 


Win prizes and Kudos with Who Wants to Be a Millionaire


Granted, the free online version of the game that took the 1990s by storm will not pay out a million dollar prize. But winners do get bragging rights and their names up on the Wall of Fame. There are also special prize events from time to time. 


As well as the US version, the wwbm game is available in UK, Russian and Ukrainian, with tailored questions for each nationality. 





Last but certainly not least, the most popular gameshow in US history has a few different online versions available. Here are three of the most popular choices: 


  • Jeopardy Arkadium - this neat Jeopardy game is easy to access via the Arkadium website. It’s fun to play as a single player, but of course, you can also play as a team by sharing your screen on Zoom or Skype.


  • Official Jeopardy app – if you want to play a shared game in competition with family and friends, all you need to do is download the official app from Google Play or the App Store. You can then log on, create a game and invite others to join. 


  • A third option is to create your own game using a template and then adopt the role of host while your friends play the game. It’s not as complicated as it sounds – Jeopardy Labs offers a free game builder, and it’s just a case of adding the questions and answers.