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Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Review and Impressions

Like Tiger Woods golf game in real life, his status with EA Sports has also fallen. The 2015 version of PGA Tour is the first to not feature the famous golfer, instead opting to go with the other half of the 2014 cover in Rory McIlroy. The game is the first "next-gen" golf game from EA, built on the Frost Bite engine which powers the Battlefield franchise. What this means is you have more detailed courses and golfers. What it means to EA Sports is you have an opportunity to have a little fun.

This becomes obvious with the fantasy courses in the game - a Par 3 course themed after Battlefield 4 and another set in the Grand Canyon. They've even added a few characters outside of the rather short list of professional golfers to choose from. Of course you can create your own golfer and take them on the Pro tour. 

The Tour matches are different than before, instead of forcing the player through four rounds of 18 holes it puts them into a subset of holes to play each day. This results in quicker play through the tournaments and quicker level ups which are earned for every completed round.

Level up your golfer to unlock attributes and earn gear. It's a common formula we've seen so no surprise here. Outside of single round play and Pro Tour there are head to head online modes, online tournaments, and a challenge mode that features "night golf" complete with neon balls and glowing flag sticks. 

The developers must be commended on their control customization scheme, allowing players to play the game EXACTLY how they want. Whether you want to use an analog swing (left or right stick), three click approach, or anything in between - you can customize it and save it as a profile. So bravo.

All in all PGA Tour this year feels like the first game in a series - it creates a solid foundation but is missing that little bit of extra pizzazz we typically find later in a console's life cycle. It might not be worth a full price investment, but if you're just looking for a fun golf game - you can't go wrong.

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