CCV: I Sure as Heck Ain't Ready for Dem New-Fangled Consoles

Oh new consoles, how I loathe you. It's inevitable...eventually the current hardware just isn't up to snuff anymore as new technology comes out that can offer a better gaming experience. Every console has done it (except the poor Jaguar); the NES eventually developed into the Wii, the Genesis failed for the most part as the Saturn,  the PS1 just added some numbers to it until it got to the PS3, and the Xbox did a full-on 360 to get to it's current state. The latest technology trends seem to be high-tech stuff like motion (or non-existent) controllers, voice control, 3D technology and more. So is there enough new tech out there that the likes of the 360 and PS3 can't handle? To be honest, I have no clue. When it comes to technology I stay pretty oblivious to stuff that's only on the horizon and only pay attention to what's currently available. So for all I know maybe there are plans for systems with double the graphics capabilities of what we currently have, or that can microwave that breakfast burrito for you while you load up your most current save of Uncharted 4. My point in all this jibberish is that I can care less, and even if the technology is there and warrants some upgrades, I don't want it. 

The biggest problem with new consoles comes with the pricetag. New systems available at launch are ridiculously, incredibily, INSANELY over-priced, and only a crazy person would purchase a new console right at launch. The PS3 was released in 2006 but I held out until November 2008 before I finally upgraded. And the console isn't the only thing you have to take into account when purchasing a new gotta have a few games to pop into the new console, a second controller (not only for local co-op goodness but in this day and age of wireless controllers you gotta have a backup), a headset (another must-have in today's online-enabled consoles, though it seems that Microsoft was the one of the "Big Three" to fully understand this) plus any other wires and whatnot. All in all, getting a new system means you will be dropping quite a bit of scratch just to keep up with the Jones'.

Then there's the whole issue of if the console is worth it. When a new console ships out at launch, there's little to no chance that you or anyone you know personally has gotten their grubby hands on the controls and partook of some hands-on experiences. It's a huge gamble for sure, though today you can be pretty safe in assuming the next PS3, 360 and Wii are going to be decent enough, given their previous track records. Though even if the company has had previous success, you can never be too sure how a brand-new system is going to work once it's been mass produced and available to the market. While it's never happened to me personally, my roommate in college experienced at least one RROD from his 360, and I know that more than a few people (including some of you reading this) suffered the same fate from Microsoft's new console when it first launched.

So why do we need new systems right now? The PS3 and 360 are both phenominal systems with great graphics and online capabilities (ok, maybe the 360 has "great" online while the PS3 has "good" online) that were able to upgrade themselves with added technology (Move/Kinect) as opposed to requiring a whole new system. Why can't we just keep doing that? I'd rather pay under $150 for an accessory that transforms the system into something new as opposed to having to drop several hundred for a whole new system, controllers and games.

Sure, new and better technology will eventually come along and new systems will be required to meet the needs of the new tech. It's the march of have to keep evolving or get left behind. It's a sad truth to the world. Am I ready for the next wave of consoles? No, I'd be just happy continuing to play my PS3, 360 and Wii for the rest of my life (keeping in mind that in my delusional fantasy world games would continue to be pumped out to support said systems.) However, I understand that it is inevitable for the next generation of consoles to soon be birthed into our world. I'll comfort myself knowing that I will stick with my current systems for as long as humanely possible, yet when the eventuality of system failure or cancelled suport for those systems comes, I will be one of many who make the next generation console purchase.