CCV: My Backlog, Let Me Show You It.

Better almost late than never I suppose. :)


To be honest the last few months have been great for making progress on my backlog. I've beaten Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Picross 3D (although that was more a labour of love rather than just "getting through it"), Bayonetta, and Jet Grind Radio! I still have a few immediate ones I want to beat though, as well as plenty of Playstation 2 games I've... well to be perfectly honest I'm not sure how I acrued most of them. I think they were gifts...


Anyways, here we go! Sadly none of these involve co-op. Guess I'm just good at getting those done without stopping. ;)


Darksiders (360): A friend loaned me this and Bayonetta over the holidays. I really didn't give either of those games much attention when they first came out, but they were both brought up enough during GOTY discussions I got the itch. Bayonetta's out of the way and I've made some healthy progress into Darksiders so this will almost definitely be the next one I'm done with. It's a very good game and it's a real shame that I over looked it, and I've been told I haven't even gotten to where the game really gets good.

Jet Set Radio Future (XBox): We've all seen the Sega GT/JSRF disc set a million times at stores. I've been tempted to get this ever since I got my 360, but it wasn't until after playing Jet Grind Radio last month that I finally bit the bullet and got it. I've only played the tutorial but already I think I'll like it more than the original. Looks to have the same funky and colourful style with some improvements to the infuriating controls that the Dreamcast original had.

Fallout: New Vegas (360): This was one I got over the holidays using the staff discount at my temp retail job. It's a used copy so I got it for $25 (what it was giving for credit at the time). I put over 260 hours into Fallout 3 and the expansions, and I'm looking forward to this sucking away more of my life. I'm probably going to hold off on this one for a while longer though. I'd like to have most of my plate clear as I don't think I'll be playing much else when this game's turn comes. :D

Dead Rising (360): I last played this 3 years ago. I did the zombie genocide run first thing so I could have the real mega buster when I wanted to play it properly. Of course that day still hasn't come... someday, before I sell it again hopefully.

Sneak King (360): I know what you're thinking, but hush. I saw it for like $4, and I'm wondering if my idea for an Assassin's Creed: Brother multiplayer mod would work out or not.


Now, I could go on and on with titles for the PS2, PC, SNES, and Wii. But most of those systems are very far away or not in a state to run any games anytime soon. :( So I'll leave you with what I can run on my 360. :)