WWE All-Stars

Co-Op Features in the Playstation 2 Version
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Core Features

Local Co-Op
2 Players
Online Co-Op
Not Supported
Combo Co-Op (Local + Online)
Not Supported
LAN Play or System Link
Not Supported

Co-Op Extras

  • Co-Op Specific Content

The Co-Op Experience

Play as a two man tag team.


Fun And In-Your-Face WWE Arcade-Style-Action - Take WWE action to the next level with high-flying, hard-hitting gameplay that bridges generations of WWE fans and casual followers alike with fun, intuitive and approachable gameplay.
Best Roster Ever - The greatest roster of WWE Superstars and WWE Legends EVER, including John Cena, The Rock, Andre the Giant, Big Show, Triple H, Bret "Hit Man" Hart, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Rey Mysterio and "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
Four Awesome Character Classes - Punt an opponent sky high! Juggle him with your fists! Weave together killer combinations of high impact moves or best an opponent with your fists of fury.
Fantasy Warfare - Playing through epic matchups between WWE Legends and Superstars to determine the best of all time, each introduced by cinematic video packages featuring authentic WWE footage.
Create-A-Superstar - The greatest WWE roster of all time wouldn"t be complete without YOUR created WWE Superstars. Customize your Superstar and pit him against the game's WWE Superstars and WWE Legends to see if he can become legendary.

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