Streets of Rage Remake

Co-Op Features in the PC Version
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Core Features

Local Co-Op
2 Players
Online Co-Op
Not Supported
Combo Co-Op (Local + Online)
Not Supported
LAN Play or System Link
Not Supported

Co-Op Extras

  • Co-Op Campaign
  • Drop In/Drop Out

The Co-Op Experience

Play has one of 19 characters in two player local co-op play.



Streets of Rage Remake is a project created from scratch, it does not use reverse engineering nor a single line of code from the original games. It’s all based on visual interpretation, comparing how things work in the original games and trying to mimic it for Streets of Rage Remake.

As of now the official site was asked to take the game down for download.

Some of its functions:

* Animation timing, animation positioning, control response, X/Y/Z positions and physical movement for all characters are accurate to the original games.

* 64 modules of AI per enemy to represent walking and reactions.

* Collisions and damages based on the original games.

* The same score system algorythm that is used in SOR2.

* Grabs and vaults as in the original games.

* Autosave savestates that allow you to continue the game from the same point, exit windows, alt+x, etc.

* Prediction of resources, to speed loading times.

* All functions of all the original games in the series are emulated:

- Over 30 configurable options in the menu

- Star and Special Meter sytems

- 6-button controller actions

- Different types of weapons, and Special Weapon attacks

- Police specials

- And much more


Tests have been conducted for months to ensure that the game plays well, plays accurately, has the smallest possible number of bugs and an appropriate difficulty level.


The following material has been created exclusively for Street of Rage Remake V5, and V4 (with all that implies).


The game includes original cutscenes between stages, totalling over 40 cutscenes and 8 endings.


There are stages in the game that are either completely new or remastered, adding more colors, more scrolling layers, interactive details not present in the original games and much more.


Over 10 designers have been working for years to create new sprites, creating 19 playable characters all with a complete set of moves, new enemies, new details on the stages and much more.


The music has been remixed by 5 different musicians, they are in OGG format (44khz, 128kbps) and contain practically all the songs in the original series, including Game Gear versions and some new tracks, a total of 76 songs.

* All songs have been volume controlled and EQ.


The game contains audio sounds from the original games that have been recorded directly from a Megadrive/Genesis.

* Each enemy and character has their own voice channel (a total of 24 channels of audio)

* The shrill sounds accumulate in specific channels to avoid distorting the audio.

* Ambient sounds are a new feature of the game.


You can see the promotional poster for the game here.


- 93 stages in story mode

- 5 stages in extra modes

- 5 stages in the Prototype mod (separate download)


- SOR1 characters remastered with new moves

- SOR2 characters with new moves

- SOR3 characters with new moves

- New playable characters


- All enemies from SOR1 remastered.

- All enemies SOR2 (RGB color correction).

- All enemies SOR3 (RGB color correction).

- New enemies based on the Game Gear versions and even the cover the game!


- 76 in V5.

- 7 in the Prototype mod.


- Profile Editor

- Color Editor

- Name Editor

- Sormaker

- Cutscene Viewer

- Profile Viewer (and commands)

- Image Gallery

- 16 cheats

- Battle Mode

- Survival Mode

- Boss Rush mode

- Events Mode (16 events)

- Volleyball Mode

- Allied cpu mode

- And more than 30 customizable options

The planned online feature had to be scrapped as there were problems getting the game to run lag free, even from early build. It would of taken longer to wait for an improvement on this, so it was left out and more time was spent on improving the game itself.

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