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Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

Co-Op Features in the Playstation 3 Version
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Core Features

Local Co-Op
2 Players
Online Co-Op
4 Players
Combo Co-Op (Local + Online)
Not Supported
LAN Play or System Link
Not Supported

Co-Op Extras

  • Co-Op Campaign
  • Drop In/Drop Out

The Co-Op Experience

After serving the King loyally for years in foreign conflicts, an elite unit of knights return home to find it a changed place. Appalled by the discovery that dark magic has corrupted their kingdom and that the King now plans to use them against their own people, the knights devise a plan to assassinate the malevolent ruler. When the attempt on the King's life is foiled, the would-be assassins barely escape and are on the run from an army they once served, the assassins must survive in a kingdom they no longer recognize. Immerse yourself in a truly epic fantasy adventure in a world of beauty, terror and betrayal, where only you can end the long standing oppression of a tyrannical king. Collect and equip thousands of weapons, armor sets, and items along your journey as you slay the hordes of monsters which inhabit the magical worlds from which they come. Play alone or online as you venture through the darkness. [IGN.COM]


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