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Cyber Heist

Co-Op Features in the PC Version
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Core Features

Local Co-Op
2 Players
Online Co-Op
Not Supported
Combo Co-Op (Local + Online)
Not Supported
LAN Play or System Link
2 Players

Co-Op Extras

  • FREE
  • Downloadable Only
  • Co-Op Campaign

The Co-Op Experience

Play as the top-down 2D Hacker, rerouting power to unlock doors, reveal sensitive information, and provide intel. Or play as the first-person 3D Thief, a stealth-infiltrator who uses only his wits and skills to avoid drone detection, recover passwords, and dupe the security detection system.


The Department of Education has developed a stranglehold on student debt due to government de-regulation and formation corporate monopolies. Laws have been passed allowing corporations to purchase debt and leverage it against the population. Those with debt live in indentured servitude.

After years of living underfoot of this rigged system, the people have started to fight back. You⦠are among those people. Take the role of an elite hacker and a stealthy thief as they go undercover to infiltrate the Department of Education to bring down the corporate monopolies that enslave the populous and eliminate all debt forever.

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