Co-Op Features in the PC Version
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Core Features

Local Co-Op
5 Players
Online Co-Op
5 Players
Combo Co-Op (Local + Online)
Up to 5 Local or Online
LAN Play or System Link
Not Supported

Co-Op Extras

  • Downloadable Only
  • Co-Op Specific Content

The Co-Op Experience

5 players team up as a variety of vikings to bring down 1 A.I. controlled boss. 5 player couch co-op is supported as well as 5 player online co-op, and 5 player combo co-op (i.e., two players on one PC can team up with players on different PCs, or players on the same PC).


WHO’S THE BOSS? Well, it’s finally you! So grab your friends and get ready for the craziest fights in our fast-paced asymmetrical multiplayer game. The meanest? The baddest? The silliest? Choose from a variety of unique bosses that are yours to command! Strike fear in your enemies as a mighty fortress or keep them on edge as an angry slice of bread, it all depends on how bossy you feel today!

Or perhaps you're more of a team player and slaying giants is your business. Say no more, we have you covered. Join a party of Vikings and take on the nastiest titans you've ever seen. Just make sure you help your buddies, healing, protecting, buffing them, releasing minions and laying down turrets when necessary!

This is a 1 v 5 asymmetrical multiplayer game, where one playabale (or A.I. controlled) boss is pit against a colorful cast of cartoony Vikings.



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