Nioh 2

Co-Op Features in the PlayStation 4 Version
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Core Features

Local Co-Op
Not Supported
Online Co-Op
3 Players
Combo Co-Op (Local + Online)
Not Supported
LAN Play or System Link
Not Supported

Co-Op Extras

  • Co-Op Campaign
  • Co-Op Specific Content
  • Co-Op DLC

The Co-Op Experience

Three player online co-op is supported in Campaign Missions and the new Expeditions Mode. For the Campaign Missions, one player is the host and summons other players into his game via the Shrines using "Ochoko Cups" (in-game item). The other two players may join the host's game as long as they have beaten the mission on their own.

In Expeditions, three players can team up online to play any missions they have previously played and beaten, with the additional rule that there is a shared "lives" bar. Each time a player dies, the bar starts to drain. If the downed player is revived by a teammate, then the bar's progress is halted. If the player revives themselves, then the bar drains further.


Journey to 1555 feudal Japan, a country gripped in the misery and madness of endless warfare. A place where monsters and evil spirits infest a land of natural beauty and menacing peril, where everyone from the smallest child to the bravest warrior lives in constant fear of the spiritual beings known as yokai.

Play as a mute rogue living as a hired mercenary and renowned yokai hunter. Born to and abandoned by human and yokai parents, you are burdened with the ability to take on supernatural yokai form.

Can you survive the treacherous Sengoku era and terrifying Dark Realm?



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