Tubetastic: World Splashfest

Co-Op Features in the PC Version
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Core Features

Local Co-Op
4 Players
Online Co-Op
4 Players
Combo Co-Op (Local + Online)
Not Supported
LAN Play or System Link
Not Supported

Co-Op Extras

  • Downloadable Only
  • Co-Op Specific Content
  • Splitscreen
  • OSX Version Available
  • Linux / Steam OS Compatible

The Co-Op Experience

Work cooperatively to survive the variety of dynamic enemies that lurk in the deep. 


Welcome to Tubetastic: World Splashfest where 1-4 tubers enter the pool, but only one can be crowned king. Online/Offline multiplayer arena game centered around fun and bouncy fast-paced vs. and co-op action.

Immerse yourself in an acid trip sea of fast-paced chaos as you use your arsenal of weapons to battle your way to the top. Seek out face-owning power-ups, master the art of boosting and bouncing to dodge your enemies, hunt down your friends and foes with brute force, or laser beam unicorns up the you know what. 

Splitscreen Layout

2 Player Split-Screen Layout
3 Player Split-Screen Layout
4 Player Split-Screen Layout

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