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New online casinos need to improve the group game aspect of their platform in light of social distancing

But what about the casual player? Usually they will find a website they like the look of and stay there, especially if it offers the games that they want. Online slots, blackjack, roulette, bingo and poker are all popular options, and there are some sites that specialise in just one of these, whereas others choose to offer a variety. But it can be a minefield out there, trying to find a good site. Do you opt for an established one, or a newer site with good incentives and prizes to hook in players? This site mentions some new online casino sites that are worth checking out for anyone looking for a change.

by bapenguin

Review of GTA (Grand Theft Auto) Online Casino

The very first GTA was launched in the year 1997 and there have been over 15 different versions launched over the years. Without a doubt, GTA from Rockstar Games is one of the most popular video game franchises ever. Steal cars, kill cops, turn pedestrians into roadkill and now – even gamble at a swanky new casino. What’s not to love?

by bapenguin

Are Freemium Games the Future?

With the video gaming industry expected to reach a worth of over 90 Billion US Dollars this year, it’s no surprise that it’s getting harder to choose which online games to devote our time to. Serious gamers often take the time to try out a range of games, as settling on a select few can be hard going when you have to navigate through the sea of games that are available. However, one growing trend has been to make it much easier for online gamers to dip their toe in the water before making a solid commitment. 

by bapenguin

5 Games with Horrible Co-Op AI

In games that depend on having good partners, poor AI can really ruin the experience. It’s like being a pro card player on a blackjack team full of rookies (if you enjoy such casino games, Casumo is a solid option.)

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