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Co-Op Masterpieces - 2023's Most Anticipated Games

Co-op is still one of the best ways to enjoy video games, and a growing number of releases are now including the option to play with your friends online. As online connectivity has improved, game developers have been able to be far more creative when it comes to producing cooperative games. Now it's not just about finishing the level with your friends, but you can also complete side objectives together, unlock new items, complete challenges, and have a lot more fun.

by bapenguin

The Power Of Players Feedback In Game Development

Games are developed for the players, and therefore, it goes without saying that feedback from the players plays a crucial role in the game development process. A game designer or developer develops a game in a manner that they are happy with the game development. However, it is essential for other people, especially the real players, to like it too. Only when this is ensured can a game be designed and developed that becomes an instant hit. Here is how you can consider the players’ feedback in game development.

by bapenguin

Bonus-hunting tips for Australian casino players

If you’ve even a passing interest in the online casino sector, you’ll know that free bonuses and special promotions constitute a large part of their marketing efforts. This is especially true for Australian gamblers, as they face an immense choice in terms of offshore platforms looking to win their business and loyalty.  

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