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CVV: tl;dr

KL2's storyline takes place over 48 in-game hours - a blink of an eye.  While "epic games" such as Dragon Age 2 span dozens of years in game time and 30ish hours in real time, KL2 pulls no punches with its length.  You're here to get a job done, things go wrong, so now it's time to leave, any way possible.  There's no filler, no fetch quests, no pointless slogs for a +1 trinket that adds damage to your flame axe.  Ever had a really bad hangover?  Where everything feels oversaturated, blurry, and just a little foreign?  That should never last more then a day.  Couple that with wanton brutality and you're happy when you top out at 6 hours.


CVV: My backlog, let me show you it

Looks like I've got a busy year ahead of me.  Maybe I'll knock out some White Knight Chronicles right now...  oh, what's this?  The Prodigy has a new track pack download?  TIME TO PUT DOWN THE AXE AND PICK UP THE WHEELS OF STEEL, HONKEY!  SCRITCH-SCRATCH-VRRP!


Crunk Co-Op: A game guide to drinking and co-op gaming, volume 1

Hey y'all.  Mr. McJerk here, letting you know what's great, not-so-great, and downright hilarious to play co-op while enjoying adult libations.  What's your favorite co-op drink?  Personally, mine is anything FREE AND PLENTIFUL.  The best way to get that (and have a good co-op gaming time) is couch co-op.  Show up and plug in controller 2!  Or bluetooth connect it, whatever.  This techmology is crazy nowadays.

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