A Valley Without Wind 2

  • Online Co-Op: 8 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 16 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
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And Arcen Games' games are filed with co-op!

Lastest Indie Royale Bundle is Filled with Arcen Games Releases

A new bundle recently rolled into the Indie Royale offices, bringing with it a fistful of games from the commanders of cool co-op titles, Arcen Games! The Arclight Bundle sports ten games in all, each one borne from the loving bosoms of the A Valley WIthout Wind creator, and each one featuring co-op play in one form or another. To summarize: Arcen Games stuff for cheap. Buy now.

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Like a board game with action sequences

A Valley Without Wind 2 Co-Op Review

Part strategy, part platformer, part RPG, part board game. A Valley Without Wind 2 takes a lot of different elements and throws them together in a single release. The crazy thing is it works, and it works really well. A massive improvement over the original and a superb game in its own right, A Valley Without Wind 2 is a deep and rewarding strategy game that's going to collect groups of extremely devoted fans.

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  • online
Improves on the original in every way

A Valley Without Wind 2 is Out

A follow-up to the esoteric and sometimes confusing experience that was A Valley Without Wind, developer Arcen Games has just delivered a sequel that aims to correct every misstep taken by the original. Best described as ActRaiser with deeper strategic elements, A Valley Without Wind 2 mixes platforming, resource gathering, metroidvania-style exploration, and even co-op elements to create a game that goes out of its way to challenge traditional genre descriptors.

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