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The announcement came early this morning from Avalanche on the new Generation Zero Twitter account, which was then retweeted by the developer's Twitter. As with all good video game announcements, there was a link to the official website and an announcement trailer to give us a little flavor of the title. Going beyond that, the website features a letter from Emil Kraftling, the game's director, that offers up his perspective on what the game is. Specifically, Emil says the team views this as a "guerilla action game, because it helps paint the picture of how the odds are stacked against you." He goes on to talk about how you'll be scavenging cars, sheds, and other things in the world to find some loot that will help you take on the robots, which are much bigger and stronger than you, a puny human; and sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor and you'll do better to avoid combat.

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