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The event discussed in this week's This Week in Co-Op didn't really happen this week.  It was more like two weeks ago.  Hopefully, it's still worth reading.  We pulled out an oldie but agoodie as far as co-op games go: Guitar Hero II.  Why this game?  And is it still worth playing in this age of four player full band rhythm games?  Read on and decide for yourself... I'll come out and admit it: I really like achievements.  You might think this is unusual, for a casual gaming type of fellow like myself.  Something about them, though, really appeals to me.  Perhaps it's the old school gamer in me, crying out for the long lost age of putting your initials next to your high score.  (I'm the gamer former known as MLA , now usually going by DAD.)  Plus, well-done achievements add value to the game, even after you already "beat it".  Looking through my achievements list one lazy Saturday afternoon, I came across Guitar Hero II. Seeing my achievements reminded me: there was one last song I had to beat on Hard (before unlocking the real last song, Free Bird, that is).  Something about Carry Me Home just makes my fingers spasm.  I popped in the old GH 2 disc, and went straight to practice mode.  I was going to get this song, today, no matter what.  Valiantly, I played for about 20 minutes.  So far, so good.  I was able to pick the speed up a notch, slowly, of course, but still, progress is progress.

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