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Co-Op Release Alert: LEGO Rock Band and Band Hero

A truly titanic tussle of tremendous talents hits your favorite console today.  LEGO Rock Band in one corner, Band Hero in the other.  Plastic David Bowie versus sparkly Taylor Swift; who will prevail?  Not your wallet, which is likely still empty after Guitar Hero 5 and The Beatles Rock Band.  Though both games are intended for the younger set, there's still plenty of good songs for all to enjoy on your well-worn fake instruments today.  Remember to purchase through Amazon using the links below to help support Co-Optimus! 

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Iggy Pop in LEGO Rock Band, All LEGO Songs Exportable

Is the music game genre oversaturated?  Some might say yes.  I'd argue otherwise; there's still plenty of good music out there that isn't available in video game form.  In any event, we have some details about Harmonix's upcoming cutesified LEGO Rock Band.  Iggy Pop will be appearing in the game, as the tutorial voice, and also in plastic action figure form, as you an see above.  Iggy's song "The Passenger" will be in the game's song list.

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