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by Marc Allie 12
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Co-Op Title N+ The Deal of the Week

The new Xbox Live Gold Deal of the Week is up, and it's a co-op title!  N+ is on sale this week, for 400 MS points, half off the regular price.  N+ got a decent review here at Co-Optimus, and if you haven't read that review already, it's worth a look.  Not only is it a video review, it features a hilarious death scene montage.  Anyone planning on picking this one up?

by Marc Allie 6
  • xbox 360
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50 New Co-Op Levels for N+!

An N+ would be a really bad grade in school, but as far as co-op goes, it has a lot of class schools you definitely makes the grade.  Available tomorrow, a DLC pack for the game will include 150 single player levels in addition to a whopping 50 new co-op levels!  All of this content costs a mere 200 points.  We like the ratio of levels to points in there, for sure!  This would be a good excuse to join up with some buddies for some more puzzle/platform action! 

by Nick Puleo 10
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N+ Co-Op Review

 N+ for the Xbox Live arcade is based off a popular internet flash game.  So then why should you spend your 800 MS points on the game?  Simple - online co-op.  Read on for our full review of the game, and stick around for one of our best video reviews ever.  

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