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My family and I have been on vacation for just over a week now.  We've traveled from our home in Missouri to Florida, with a stop in Georgia in between.  Though I love my Nintendo DS, it just doesn't take the place of a 360 or PS3, or any game on a big screen.  So, to keep the gamer itch scratched while on the road, we've tried to hit every arcade we saw.  For Co-Op Casual Friday today, we'll take a look at the best and the worst of the games we played.  Naturally, they all feature co-op! Our first arcade was at one of those mega truck stops you see on interstate highways.  We needed gas, and there was a Wendy's next door (I have a weakness for Double Stacks), so we pulled in and took a break.  Besides a really big aquarium filled with all sorts of colorful fish, they had an arcade!  Quickly, we dashed inside, sure that the neon "games" sign meant some co-op joy was in store.  How wrong we were!  There was a crane game, an air hockey table, a battered and faded Ms. Pac -man, and only one co-op game at all.  Invasion, it was rather unimaginatively named, and after watching the attract mode, we decided to pass on even playing it.  Generic cabinet, nondescript title, and "meh" graphics all added up to a big pass.

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