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A portable mining experience

Terraria Coming to Vita

You may remember early last week that Terraria came out on the XBLA and the PSN. Well, 505 Studios has decided to make the series portable. They will be porting Terraria over to the PS Vita at an undetermined date this summer. Tim Woodley, the Head of Global Brand at 505 Studios, had the following to say about Terraria:

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Improves on the original in every way

A Valley Without Wind 2 is Out

A follow-up to the esoteric and sometimes confusing experience that was A Valley Without Wind, developer Arcen Games has just delivered a sequel that aims to correct every misstep taken by the original. Best described as ActRaiser with deeper strategic elements, A Valley Without Wind 2 mixes platforming, resource gathering, metroidvania-style exploration, and even co-op elements to create a game that goes out of its way to challenge traditional genre descriptors.

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