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by Marc Allie 4
One dragon is good, but four is even better

Tabletop Co-Op: Defenders of the Realm Dragon Expansion

It's time once again for some Tabletop Co-Op! This month, we're taking a look at an expansion to one of the board games we've previously featured here at Co-Optimus: Defenders of the Realm. Since the original is my favorite co-op board game, I eagerly grabbed the first expansion, and absolutely love it. The Dragon Expansion, as it is called, adds more customization options, variant rule sets, and, best of all, new generals for the heroes to fight against. (And they are even painted!)

by Marc Allie 6

Co-Op Casual Friday: Defenders of the Realm

It's time once again for more board game coverage for Co-Op Casual Friday. Today, we take a look at Defenders of the Realm, an excellent co-op game that blends concepts from Pandemic with fantasy characters who would be very much at home in any D&D campaign.

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