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by Marc Allie 5

Co-Op Classics: Ten Years of Dreamcast Co-Op

Another classic video game console celebrates a milestone this week.  Sega's Dreamcast was released in North America ten years ago this past week, on 9/9/99.  Though the console was short lived, it has developed quite a following, even a decade later.  Many features of the Dreamcast were ahead of its time, most notably a standard modem and internet support allowing online co-op for the first time on a home console.  To celebrate the 10th birthday of Sega's final console, we'll take a look at some of the best co-op games the system had to offer, as submitted by staff and readers. The Shoot 'Em Ups

by Nick Puleo 24

Happy Birthday Dreamcast - We Need Your Help!

Today, Sega's Dreamcast system turns 10 years old.  A system most consider ahead of its time, the Dreamcast still has a lot of classic titles that are played today.  Sega's console met an early demise thanks to the juggernaut that is Sony and their announcement of the PlayStation 2.  It only lived a little over two years, but it was an amazing two years.

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