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A sin-sational cooperative RPG

Divinity: Original Sin Preview

Larian Studios are known for crafting thoughtful RPG’s. They have created wonderful games in the Divinity series, and the upcoming Divinity: Dragon Commander appears to push the envelope in strategy gaming. Returning to their roots, Larian has taken a traditional RPG and centered it around the meaningful interactions of players as the cornerstone. This game, which we have been following closely for some time, is Divinity: Original Sin. As a cooperative experience, we have taken a great interest in this title due to the fact that the greatest gaming immersion will come out of playing with another person.

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Teaching an old dragon new tricks

Divinity: Dragon Commander Preview

Larian Studios are a talented group of individuals who are best known for their Divinity series of games here in the West. Their creative and ambitious staff draws upon decades of RPG's, table top, strategy, and other games. They have a very intriguing game on their hands at the moment titled Divinity: Dragon Commander. At it's core, Dragon Commander is both a turn-based and real-time strategy game. It also integrates FPS mechanics, branching narratives, and even at times dating-sim elements. In theory, it sounds like a Frankenstein mashup of genres. In practice, the elements actually fit together quite nicely, and the delivery is fantastic and presented in an interesting yet tidy package.

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