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Ahoy Thar Matey! Pirates Plund-Arrr Headed to Wii

Really, one of the toughest things when writing articles like this is to avoid lame jokes. Rather than subject you annoying, half-funnies like booty, matey, and Davey Jones references, we'll just talk about the game.  4 player brawler Pirates Plund-Arrrr is being released for the Wii.  Screenshots look similar to Castle Crashers, and, according to the release below, gameplay sounds similar, too.  Cute characters, beat-em-up action, and "razor-sharp meat cleavers" sound like a good mix.  Expect Pirates Plund-Arrrr to hit 'round spring.  Hey!  I made it through the news post without a joke.  I'd say my respectability as a game journalist just went up.  Or did it, sharp eyed reader?

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