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Bringing flexibility to your living room or backyard

100 Inches of Gaming Goodness on the Epson Home Cinema 8350

The term "big screen TV" has changed over the years. It used to be having a 42 in projection TV in your basement meant you were the king of sporting events, but now 42 inches is on the small end of the HDTVs you see at Best Buy. Televisions are getting bigger, thinner and cheaper with picture quality that rivals the cinema. But what if you could make a TV any size you want? What if you could play videogames at 100 or 150 inches on the wall of your living room for the same price as an HDTV? That's exactly where home cinema projectors come into play. I've been demoing the Epson Home Cinema 8350 for the past month and it's made me seriously consider ditching my living room TV.

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