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by Sam Tyler 3
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Syndicate is out next week so here is the launch trailer

Industrial Espionage with Guns; the Syndicate Launch Trailer

Hacking into emails and rooting through bins are boring forms of industrial espionage. In the 2069 future of Syndicate, espionage takes the form of weapons and the ability to enter people's minds. Where do I sign up? Syndicate is out February 21st in the US and February 24th in the EU. To celebrate Starbreeze have produced a launch trailer. Lucky for you, there is no need to break into their servers to get it, as Co-Optimus provides it after Read More.

by Nick Puleo 4
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We bring in 2012 with a bang.

The Co-Op Games of 2012 Preview

2012 looks to be another great year for co-op gamers, at least initially. While in the past we always seemed to build slowly to a series of Fall releases, this year looks to reverse the trend with an action packed middle of the year. Are the summer doldrums a thing of the past? Locke and Nick take you on a magic carpet ride through 2012 in both written and video form.

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