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The Co-Op Games of 2010 Preview - Part 1

  First Half 2010

Welcome to our 2010 Co-Op Games preview.  In part 1 of our preview we'll look at the first half of the year, which roughly takes us up to May.   Most of these are confirmed release dates, though some are release windows.  As with any game these days, delays happen all the time, so these dates are subject to change.


Army of Two: The 40th Day - 1/12/2010 (360/PS3/PSP)

Co-Op: Two player campaign co-op, four player co-op in Extraction mode. 

Army of Two: The 40th Day is the follow sequel to the 2008 title. A game designed around two player co-op play from the ground up, a new addition this year is a four player co-op mode called extraction. This mode is exclusive to pre-orders for the first 30 days, afterwards being made available for a free download. The game promises to fix a lot of the flaws the first one had, including forced cooperative situations, as well as adding detailed weapon customization, mask and armor customization, and moral choices.

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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter - 1/13/2010 (XBLA)

Co-Op: Four Player online campaign co-op

 The console version of Serious Sam HD is identical in every way except for the number of players available. You'll blast through the entire campaign with three other friends online fighting off, what seems like, endless waves of enemies.

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 White Knight Chronicles - 2/2/2010 (PS3)

Co-Op: Four player online co-op with specific quests

White Knight Chronicles International Edition takes the Japanese release of Level-5's RPG and kicks it up a notch. Added voice chat, tweaked gameplay mechanics, and additional quests all adorn this version of the game. The co-op allows players to work through specific quests online, beefing up their single player character in the process. Players an also customize their own town, which serves as a social hub and launching pad for co-op play.

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Dynasty Warriors Strike Force - 2/17/2010 (360/PS3)

Co-Op Four player online co-op through the campaign.

Dynasty Warriors Strike Force is a slight departure from the traditional formula of the Dynasty Warriors series. Featuring a stronger focus on fantasy, special spells and moves, and giant boss battles - Strike Force has four player cooperating online to level up their characters and unlock new content.

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Splinter Cell Conviction - 2/23/2010 (360/PC)

Co-Op: Two player unique campaign co-op (split/online), various four player online co-op modes.

Splinter Cell Conviction has had a long and arduous development process, but it looks like Sam Fisher is finally back in 2010. The co-op of the game follows agent Archer of Third Ecelon and agent Kestrel of Russian agency Voron. The short campaign is a prequel that sets up the single player story of Conviction. In addition to this two player co-op mode, super spies can enjoy a whole set of Deniable Ops online co-op modes for four players. Survival, Hunter, Infiltration and other game types are all on display.

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Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight - 3/16/2010 (PC)

Co-Op: Two player online co-op campaign.

While Red Alert 3 introduced us to a co-op RTS, C&C 4 looks to take things to the next level. The entire campaign can be played in co-op with each player assuming the role of a commander like before. This time each player can choose a sub role of Attack, Defense or Support which unlocks specific units and abilities. All of this makes team work and communication even more crucial.

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Aliens vs Predator - March (360/PS3/PC)

Co-Op: Four player co-op survival mode.

While we wait for the four player co-op Aliens: Colonial Marines, we'll have the hold over mode of "Survival" in Aliens vs Predator. This mode actually existed in the original game from developer Rebellion, and now we revisit it in their remake. You'll take on endless swarms of Aliens as you and three other players take the role of Space Marines.

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Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising - 3/11/2010 (PC)

Co-Op: 2 player online co-op

The first official expansion pack for Dawn of War 2 will unleash Chaos Marines on the game. New to the game is a corruption system which has advantages and disadvantages depending on the decisions made. Do you trade more corruption and evil acts for a powerful weapon? We've heard rumors that the co-op may be expanded to more than two players, but so far, there's been no confirmation.

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SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 - Early 2010 (PSP)

Co-Op: Four player online co-op through the single player missions.

The SOCOM series has always had a rabid following, and the latest version has seen its share of delays. Players will be able to play four player co-op either online or locally through the game's campaign. With custom missions, character customization and plenty of multiplayer goodness - SOCOM should have plenty of legs for PlayStation Portable owners once it finally hits.

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LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - Early 2010 (Everything)

Co-Op: Two player local co-op through the entire game.

The next great franchise to get the LEGO treatment is Harry Potter. The latest game from Telltale Games once again allows for two player cooperative play through the entire story. Unique features to Harry Potter include numerous spell attacks that you'll unlock through the course of the game and over 50 characters in the Harry Potter universe.

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This brings us to about the middle of the year with confirmed releases.  In part two we'll look at the rest of the games of the year, including the summer, some big fall releases and games that are up in limbo.

Update:  Part 2 is posted along with the video version of our preview.

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