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Gearbox said something along the lines of, "Don't be surprised if the Season Pass goes away sometime around the first DLC launch." If it's feasible I would recommend buying it now just in case. From: Borderlands 2 DLC 1: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty Trailer
I hope that the mod community is able to do some neat things with this game, they could add much life to this title! I have a feeling if it's possible, more characters and weapons will be added with a harder difficulty mode. From: Castle Crashers Steam Giveaway!
If that's your idea of boring I would love to live your action packed life.

"While the first-person perspective allows players to aim and shoot without their avatar blocking their view,[3"> the third-person shooter shows the protagonist from an "over the shoulder shot" or "behind the back" perspective.[4">[6"> Thus, the third-person perspective allows the game designer to create a more strongly characterized avatar,[3"> and directs the player's attention as if watching a film. In contrast, a first-person perspective provides the player with greater immersion into the game universe.[7">

This difference in perspective also has an impact on gameplay. Third-person shooters allow players to see the area surrounding the avatar more clearly.[3"> This viewpoint facilitates more interaction between the character and their surrounding environment, such as the use of tactical cover in Gears of War,[8"> or navigating tight quarters.[9"> As such, the third-person perspective is better for interacting with objects in the game world, such as jumping on platforms, engaging in close combat, or driving a vehicle. However, the third-person perspective can interfere with tasks that require fine aiming.[10">" {http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third-person_shooter} From: Resident Evil 6 Gameplay Videos Creep Through Leon and Helena's Campaign
I have three 360's in my apt. and I was trying to play coop w/ my gnomefriend and my roomate but unfortunately the roomate only has a guest account. I cant see them giving guest support if the guest cant save his character his/her progress. Is there anyway you could look into this Cooptimus? From: Shoot Many Robots Video Review