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Beyond Co-Op - Talisman Review

Talisman is a legendary board game, one that has been available for decades. Dubbed "The Magical Quest Game", this classic was first released in the 1980s, and has been through several publishers and revisions since then. The most recent version of the board game was released by Fantasy Flight in 2007. An adaptation of the game,&nb

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Beyond Co-Op - Titanfall Review

Titanfall is a game much of the industry has been looking at closely. Why? Simply put it's the next big thing from ex-Call of Duty creators at their new studio called Respawn. The other reason? It's a multiplayer ONLY title, forgoing a single player campaign and instead integrating the story into the game

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Luftrausers Impressions

I've been playing the recent 2D shoot-em-up from Vlambeer called Luftrausers. The game puts players in the shoes (wings) of an experimental aircraft tasked with shooting down other aircraft and boats. The trick of the game is fighting physics or, rather, fighting gravity to stay above water while building up your multiplier for scores.&n

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Let's Play - Blackguards

Blackguards is a sort of linear turn based RPG. It's probably the bleakest story ever told. Probably. At least that's what the PR tells me. When the game initially launched I liked the little I played but found several bugs and some problems with the difficulty. Now the game has received a major update, which takes i

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Drunken Robot Pornography Video Impressions

I took a quick look at Drunken Robot Pornography. Sadly the game involves very little alcohol (though there are martinis) and definitely there's no nudity. What there is though? Plenty of lasers, bullets, rockets, and quirky humor.

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Beyond Co-Op Review: Ys - Memories of Celceta

Let’s start the show by letting everyone reading this know that I haven’t played an Ys game since 1990. Coming into the series with fresh eyes, I found Ys: Memories of Celceta a decent addition to the Vita lineup of role playing games. This combat heavy hack and slash has a great gimmick in that your adventure centers around reve

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Beyond Co-Op Review: Speedball 2 HD

I have always been a sucker for ‘alternative’ sports. Give me Mutant League Hockey over NHL,  Frozen Endzone instead of Madden, and Base Wars before MLB. If I’m going to play a vanilla sport I’m going to do it in real life, reserving futuristic robot sports for the video game medium. Speedball 2 HD is a remake of

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Beyond Co-Op: Forza 5

Car racing games are almost as old as videogames themselves. The genre has evolve immensely since the days of Pole Position, with each new game bringing players closer and closer to the real life action so many of us do daily. But in games we don’t perform the simple act of driving a car, we race cars we could never dream of owning in