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Beyond Co-Op Review: Unmechanical Extended Edition

If you had told a 14 year old me that physics was fun, I would have probably hit you over the head with a bag full of Magic the Gathering cards; it was one of my worst subjects at school.  However, the likes of Half Life 2 and many indie puzzlers have proven that not only is physics fun, it can make for some of the mos

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Why Video Game Achievements Are Great

The popularity of video games has led to the expansion of the industry and technology advances. Today, there are many different game types and the genre is still expanding rapidly. One video game differs from other games like casino games

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Age of Empires Online - New Game

The game that good and very well made is about to take a down turn according to the fans. I think one of the biggest reasons this game has lasted so long is that it almost but brings the toys of many boys and some girls to life. Being able to move and control a whole army and individual soldiers, make them move across the map and chop and

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20% rise in women gambling online since 2013

Advances in smartphone and tablet technology have been meteoric in the last year, with gadgets and devices constantly being developed and made available for the modern tech-hungry society. While newer technology still comes with a high price tag, prices of some smartphones and tablets are continuously dropping, making new technology availabl

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NHL 15 Review

Hockey is my sport. It's the one I follow the closest, have followed the longest, and love the most. Hockey video games are the reason for it, with NHL on Sega Genesis being a game that absolutely made me fond of the fastest game on ice. The latest in the series is the first on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and with that come some conc

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Wind of Luck: Arena

Wind of Luck: Arena allows players to experience the true pirate life, while exploring lands most commonly associated with piracy such as the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Indonesia, East China, and the South China Sea. With almost 200 locations to visit you start your career off on a small vessel with few guns and little crew and just like

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Madden NFL 15 Review

Madden has long been a series I’ve admired, enjoyed, and played since the early days of the SEGA Genesis when it went head to head with Joe Montana football. It’s been interesting to watch the sports simulation genre grow and mature over those years, with each passing iteration the ultimate goal to create a game that mim

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The Golf Club Impressions

Golf games are few and far between, a genre dominated recently by Tiger Woods owned by EA sports. But the great game of golf video games have roots in a series called Links on PC. A new game is out now called The Golf Club and it rekindles a lot of what made these games fun. Gone are progression systems, sponsored g

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Marvel Characters - Comics Compared to Movies

With a wide array of Marvel offering on their site, Gala Casino have produced an interesting comparison that investigates and compares original comic portrayals of our favourite heroes to those we see on the big screen. This sparked our attention and go us thinking, as such, we’ve compiled our own comic vs movie list:

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Bound By Flame PC Impressions

My latest video impression comes from the PC/Action RPG, Bound by Flame. It's an interesting title that puts you in the role of a mercenary hired by a group called the Red Scribes who are trying to stop an evil power called the Ice Lords from destroying humanity. During a ritual gone bad your character gets imbued with a