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I'm sick of these big companies!

I'm tired of renting a game for a feature and having it thrown back at my face because it wants some stupid pass.  Rental stores should put that on there in big letters because I don't want to keep wasting money on it.  Espically if its a franchise bad enough I have to pay more than 30 bucks for something that feels like a add-on your going to screw me if I try renting it too?

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Effective horror game.

I am tired of people whining that a horror game will not be good if co-op.  Its true that people say when your alone its more frightening so this is what you do.  Co-op horror games need deep dialog and scary surroundings to function and as long as your with a friend you get a human trait so you have to keep splitting them up.  Ev...

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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Konami announced they are remaking metal gear solid 2, 3, and peace walker in hd for 360 and PS3. My question is do you think Peace Walker will still have co-op for the ps3 and xbox 360 if so that will be awesome what you guys think? ...

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Terraria is like a 2d RPG Minecraft?

I played Terraria today its sort of like a minecraft beat em up. So far its pretty enjoybale because of the co-op it supports how ever the hosts connection is.  I use my hamachi to play with all my friends and we have a fun time building houses, Defending the houses, mining, defeating bosses, and just talking. Since its new there are more f...

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The buggy AI for me was mainly in the Aliens and Oneil. He would barley shoot any enemys at times and I would occasionally look over to watching him stare at walls. I also believe they could of increased the AI of the alien because it barley used its environment and would just straight out attack you in the open. I was hyped for the game back in 2008 when inside of a game informer they released that it would be a 4 player co-op game were everyone was different. They used examples like one person would be using smart guns, while another would be good at wielding doors shut and placing turrets down. For anyone that waited back in 2008 for this game it was a sad disappointment. It seems like these days company's are out to ruin my childhood of Aliens and Resident evil :( From: Final Piece of Aliens Colonial Marines DLC is Now Available
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGX2WE4QUw8 This guy showed the perfect video of why I was crying playing this game. From: Final Piece of Aliens Colonial Marines DLC is Now Available
.... you thought this game was good? You only fought xenomorphs for 5% of the game the other 95% you shot other marines in the face. Sorry I thought the game was called aliens..Not to mention all the starting bugs that made the Alien AI act like Leeroy Jenkins on crack. Sorry dude, but that game was bad and I think I have right to say it was bad because they showed us pieces of the game years ago and hyped the hell out of it in game informer. Yes I played the game :) From: Final Piece of Aliens Colonial Marines DLC is Now Available
We should be lucky they showed us anything at this point. I'm sure the AI will be better in the end, but it really doesn't matter if you have 3 other friends willing to play with you From: 18 Minutes of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Footage Escape from the UK