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CCV - My Co-op Crew

I'm curious now as I'm one of the most vocal guys I know. I talk a lot and I'm not sure that all my co-op partners like it, but so far no real complaints. I'm usually the assertive one giving orders and deciding what we'll do. Mostly its because I'll ask and everyone is too easy going to say what they want to I decide for them. But beyond that I'm just kinda a bossy guy in general. In all games I'm usually the conservative one, slowly walking the perimeter before advancing, looking for every nuance in the game and scoping all details. Some guys don't like this but most of my guys are good with it. 

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What do I want in a game?

I've been trying to find a good balance. I only have a few gaming nights and occasional weekend afternoons to sneak in god console gaming.  I always tend to find myself with one or the other, and at the moment I have maybe 5 or 6 good co-op titles but not a single good solo game. I have enjoyed Dungeon Defenders due to the difference in play from the typical FPS or RPGs I usually play. 

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This is a fun game if your fellow gamers will keep up. We had an issue with some players (namely our wives) got bored.

We made a house rule about the final enemy. We essentially made sure to all take turns being the evil. We also had to adjust a few ambiguous rules but otherwise this is great. I love the motif and theme and would love to play again, but I need real friends for that. From: Tabletop Co-Op: Arkham Horror
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I'm trying to decide on this one. I've been playing Skylanders with my three daughters. My seven-year-old can do pretty well, though the last few levels are pretty hard for her. My five-year-old will play a few lower levels but doesn't like it when things get harder or what she perceives to be too scary. This one though seems interesting to add to the experience, so I'll be keeping an eye out. From: Skylanders Giants Co-Op Review
I may have missed it, but how would this play with two players? Could two players each operate two characters, having a total of four pawns? If so it might be a great game to play with Wifey. From: Tabletop Co-Op: Dungeon!