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I wish more games came with reversible cover art, esp. ones that have a great sense of style.

You can have the standard art with all of the marketing and legal and what have you, then flip it around and have some beautiful concept art. Xenoblade did this amazingly well.

But I digress... From: Journey Collector's Edition Coming to Retail in August
I've seen the show twice in Kitchener and that is definately not the way it usually goes down.

And Shardik, if I recall correctly, they did a Megaman medley at the show I saw last fall. It was lovely.

I'm going back again this October and cannot wait. They usually add enough new material in that the show doesn't get stale and the rest is done so well and lovingly that I can't complain.

As for Tommy, I loved to hate the guy when he did Electric Playground and Reviews On The Run but after seeing him twice for VGL, I've changed my tune and really respect what he's done. He did a great job hosting the two times I've seen it as well.

Hopefully this didn't sour you on the concert as a whole and I'd try to catch it if it swings by your neck of the woods. 99% of the marketing was done in the booths outside of the concert hall and nothing was really jammed down our throats during the performance. From: E3 2012: Video Games Live - A Mixed Bag of Marketing and Music
The C64 version of Ghostbusters was phenomenal. I played that thing to death... then trapped it and stuck it in the containment unit of my heart From: Co-Op Classics: The Real Ghostbusters
I had this happen at Best Buy today. I had cancelled my Amazon.ca preorder because they're notoriously bad about filling niche game orders. Best Buy had confirmed with me in person on Saturday that the pre-orders of Dark Souls would get the free upgrade to the CE.

I went to Best Buy today and there is no sign of the CE. The staff did scour the store to see if they had any tucked away in a back room or warehouse but no luck. They also couldn't confirm a) if the CE was just stuck in shipment or b) if I would be guaranteed a copy if/when it arrived.

I just gave up and got a normal copy of the game. I'm not going to cry too much because I have friends who did get the CE and I'll just mooch their guide but it was annoying.

On the upside, I guess this is good news because the game seems to be selling rather well! From: Some Dark Souls Limited Edition Preorders Won't be Filled
Now all they need to do is give me the option of forming the Great Lakes Avengers to go along with Deadpool and my team will be complete. From: The Merc With The Mouth Is Back Ultimate Alliance 2