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Pokemon White/Black 1/2 had the "battle subway" where two people could fight increasingly stronger opponents. It was awesome. Is that in this game too? I was really looking forward that

From: Pokémon PSA - No Co-Op In Pokémon X & Pokémon Y

I would love the PS3 version. And does co-op "make my friends mad that I prefer Saints Row over GTA" count?

From: Saints Row IV PC and PlayStation 3 Giveaway
normally I buy all my games for 360, but this one time I'm very happy that I got it for ps3. Even if it doesn't come out for consoles at all, it came with a free copy for PC. Although, I would much prefer to play it on a console From: Portal 2 In-game Level Editor Coming Next Year
The Vertex. For my iPod touch. But also, if possible, my computer and 360. To be honest, I'd probably use it for everything. From: iFrogz Vertex and Mogul Headset Giveaway
Either the laser flip (mostly because it has laser in it, which reminds me of iron man back in the old Tony hawk games, but also because I can only do it on accident) or the heelflip underflip From: Skate 3 Release and Giveaway