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PAX East 2011

Who's going?! I just got my tax return today so I'll be buying my Tram tickets. Who knows, maybe we'll be riding the same tram and we can DS it up. Let's see a show of hands of who is going. It'd be neat to have a Co-Optimus meetup. ...

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Cleveland Gamers?

Anyone near Cleveland, Ohio? I wouldn't mind setting up some kind of local co-op night if so. I really need local video game buddies. ...

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After finally getting on I had an awesome time too. The end highlight of my session was this:

I was driving around and saw some guy that was on a rampage in a cop car, flying down an alleyway killing tons of people. So I was like "Hey, all people he killed dropped money!" so I got out of my car and started collecting some cash. Next thing you know I saw him circling around, and I knew right then he was going to try to kill me so I ran back to my car and got in. Sure enough it turned into a chase. I got him on the highway and somehow he flipped his car upside-down. So I managed to head-shot him in the car while he was flipped lol. So I took his money, got on my phone and deposited it, then logged off. Oh man, made my night.

But the rest was fun too. The co-op missions are real fun and I love the idea that if you die you need to get your car out of the impound, that's guarded by tons of police ....

From: GTA Online Launches Today

I'm guessing you're going to have to build a new world to see all these features now.

From: Full List of Minecraft 360 Title Update 12 Changes Revealed
Oh, and I don't think paying $5 is a ripoff for a constantly expanding game, especially since the devs just stated they are working on the game way past it's deadline of DLC's just to bring fans more content. From: Second Level Cap Coming This Fall to Borderlands 2
It's pretty obvious by now that I'm totally for new content/level caps for the game. There's a lot of things about the game that I don't like, but the things I do like about the game totally out-weigh them. I've almost capped all my players and I'm still not tired of the gameplay. I know it's not for everyone, but I'm not going to let everyone ruin something I love for me. For me it's one of the funnest shooters out there, esp. co-op-wise. On a side note, I'm very curious to see how they deal with the skill points. Are they really going to let us have two and a half trees of skills or are they going to have some fillers added? I want deets! From: Second Level Cap Coming This Fall to Borderlands 2
Wow, this looks really, really awesome. From: Sci-fi Rogue-Like Risk of Rain to Get Online Co-Op