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Like some sort of water phoenix, the Shrimpers emerge from the waves of despair.

Shrimpers Forever Volume 3: Darkest Before The Dawn

The clock is ticking.  A man sits in his underwear in a recliner in a room just a few yards away from Southend United's home stadium, The Loading Dock.  On the wall is a tracksuit, fresh from the dry cleaner.  He can hear the crowds begin to filter in.  Their nervous chatter rings faintly against his eardrums, like an old-time radio play being broadcast a few rooms away.  He wonders what they might be saying for just a moment before instinctively tossing the thought from his mind.

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Built like a tank.

SteelSeries Apex M800 Impressions

If you read our coverage on the Logitech G910 Orion Spark mechanical keyboard, you probably already know I was testing it against a few other mechanical gaming keyboards. One of those is the recent entry from SteelSeries - the Apex M800, which resembles the design of their popular Apex keyboard. Instead the mechanical variety uses custom switches to ditch that mushy membrane feel and deliver the clicky clacky sound that tells everyone in your office you’re getting some serious work (gaming) done.

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Blue Sent us some hardware, here are our thoughts

Blue Yeti and Mo-Fi Impressions for Streaming

We've had a podcast on Co-Optimus now for close to 6 years, and its only this year that we've recently reformed it as more of a streaming show. That said, almost since the beginning we were using a Blue microphone for our audio recording. While we started with their Snowball lineup, it's their recent Blue Yeti Desktop Microphone that really ups the features and quality. 

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Help us raise money for the troops

8-Bit Salute Starts Tomorrow - Play With Us!

Tomorrow, at 8AM Central, we're starting our 24-hour marathon along with thousands of others for 8-Bit Salute. We'll be playing all day and we'd like to welcome everyone to join us. Our Twitch stream will be here on the front page of Co-Optimus, but you can also watch us on our Twitch page. You can also chat with us there, so feel free to jump in the chat and keep us company!

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News for GW2\'s upcoming expansion and updates for TERA and Wildstar

MMO Co-Opportunities LIV: May Your Chosen MMO Continue to Grow

Summer is definitely on its way, and we all know what that means: updates for existing MMOs and expansion news. In a time where new MMO production is certainly tapering off, many current MMOs are bringing out the big guns to try to entice former players back. This month, we’re looking at new and updates for TERA, Wildstar, and the Guild Wars ...

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