Steam Co-Op Games in Common

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Left 4 Dead 2

Take the role of a different set of survivors as you use all new blunt force weapons, chainsaws and new guns in the sequel to Left 4 Dead. Teamwork is even more crucial as high intensity moments require greater communication to survive.To enable split screen refer to this post.


Terraria is a world building open ended side scrolling action game. Think of it like Minecraft in 2D.

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Play one of three unique classes in up to 3-player co-op in either split-screen, online, or mixed co-op. Battle through the campaign or a handful of challenge missions (horde-mode style) to level up and gain new skills.

Dungeon Siege

Each player takes the role of a character in the party in this real time RPG.

Dungeon Siege 2

A patch is required for the full 8 player co-op experience.

Max Payne 3

In Dead Men Walking co-op mode, fight waves of enemies as Max and Passos, earning Grit, which is used to unlock new areas of the map, weapons, weapon attachments and ammo. This mode was added as paid DLC on 1.22.2013 and is a required add-on for cooperative play.

Orcs Must Die! 2

Play as the Sorceresses or War Mage through the game's levels in two player co-op.


Team up in a PvE experience with friends.

War Thunder

New Co-Op game mode ‘Assault’: Challenges players to defend a strategic location against waves of enemy ground vehicles or aircraft. For tankers, combat is fought tank to tank on the ground, with the ability to temporarily support teammates in attack aircraft or bombers. Pilots are tasked with maintaining air superiority over a zone by fending off enemy bombers approaching from all directions. As each successive wave is stronger than the previous one, players have to work together to hold out until the end, upon which they will receive well-deserved rewards.

Sanctum 2

Sanctum 2 is a sequel 2009's Sanctum, a hybrid FPS/Tower Defense game. To succeed you have to construct and upgrade defensive structures. What makes Sanctum unique from other tower defenses is that when the havoc starts, you jump right into the action with your own weapons and play a key role in the defense.

Company of Heroes 2

The game's Theater of War mode allows players to team up across 18 missions that can be played cooperatively.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

Hunt down scientific monstrosities with up to 4 players online as Van Helsing and other members of the Hunter's Guild.

Trine 2

A side-scrolling puzzle-platforming game featuring up to three players working together to complete the campaign.


Up to 4 players take perform multiple bank heists and robberies spanning over 30 missions. Gameplay is heavily improved and expanded since it's prequel, with a number of new abilities and items.


Four player co-op is available in all game modes and types including a story mode and an unlockable survival mode. While you can't drop in to a game, you can drop out and not break the session if you aren't the host.


Team up with friends and work to capture and defend checkpoints against enemy AI across numerous maps. One player acts as a squad leader giving orders.

Sniper Elite V2

Two players can take on the entire campaign together online. Co-op mechanics include the ability to revive a fallen comrade or spot enemies with your binoculars, marking their locations for both players. Other co-op modes include Killy Tally (survive 10 waves of enemies), Bombing Run (hunt for vehicle parts before time runs out), and Overwatch (one player snipes while the other spots enemies and carries out objectives).

The Red Solstice

In The Red Solstice you control one of the eight space marines that are trying to find out what happened to human colonies on Mars during the huge storm called The Red Solstice. Choose from 8 different classes and level them up in an experience-based character advancement system

PAYDAY: The Heist

Four player online or LAN play with drop in/drop out support.

Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

In Vermintide, the city of Ubersreik is under siege as players select from a band of five heroes with different play-styles and abilities, all equipped with unique gear and personalities. Working together cooperatively, players must use their individual attributes to survive an apocalyptic invasion from hordes of relentless, power hungry Skaven, across a range of environments stretching from the top of the Magnus Tower to the bowels of the Under Empire.

Victor Vran

Slaying demons doesn't have to be a lonely affair - team up with friends online and explore the story of the dark world together in a full co-op experience.


Team up in any of the game's five modes in co-op play versus bots.

Binary Domain

Four players can team up online in Invasion mode. They must work together to defeat progressively harder waves of robot attackers.

Renegade Ops

Team up online with up to four people for destructive co-op action.


Story co-op and co-op challenge rooms for two online players.